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SYC Youth Club

SYC Baseball Clinics

The indoor baseball facility at the Windy Hill Complex provides a safe place for off-season workouts and instructional clinics.
It can accommodate up to 4 lanes of hitting/pitching drills at a time depending on net configuration.

Required equipment: Your player should bring his/her baseball glove, bat, helmet , a water bottle, long pants, and sneakers (NO CLEATS ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING). Athletic cup is required for catching clinic and strongly recommended for all clinics. Catchers clinics should bring their own catchers gear (helmet, chest protector, leg guards and glove).

*** Due to the limited number of available openings per session,
we strongly recommend you sign up at your earliest convenience. ***



All Participants and Coaches will be subject to the SYC Youth Club Windy Hill Building Practice Policy (COVID-19) as follows:

1)     No parents, guardians, or non-players allowed in the building during practices/clinics. Coaches are responsible for policy enforcement while in the building.


2)     No one should be in the parent room or upstairs on the balcony during practices/clinics. Everyone should be on turf only. This will ensure there is less that has to be sanitized.


3)     Coaches and players are expected to use hand sanitizer before and after practice/clinics. This will help with contact with baseballs/softballs. Lysol wipes should be used on equipment before sharing (E.g. bats, catchers gear, etc).


4)     Coaches are responsible for sanitizing the following areas before leaving the building after practice/clinic and between each clinic session.


a.     Inside of main entry door (on and around door handle)

b.     Inside of door to garage (on and around door handle)

c.      Metal fence pole near entrance where there is high contact area

d.     Equipment used (E.g. Juggs pitch machine)



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