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How to Register

Great! You're interested in registering your player.  First you need to determine his/her league age.  Use the link below:


Note: This age chart is for BASEBALL DIVISIONS ONLY, and only for 2020.

Now that we have that figured out, let's determine in which division he should be registered:

League Age 4-5:         Tee Ball Division 

League Age 6-7:         Minors Coach/Hybrid Division

League Age 8-10:       Minors Player-Pitch Single A Division

League Age 9-11:       Minors Player-Pitch Double A Division (Exceptional 8 yr by tryout determination only)
   ** 11 yr olds must be in Double A. All undrafted 9-10 yr players will play in the Single A Division. 

League Age 11-12:     Major League Division (Exceptional 10 yr by tryout determination only) 
   ** Any non-returning player must try out

We strongly encourage you to read the descriptions of the various Little League Baseball Divisions, which you can find here.

But wait, I'm confused! My son is league age 11.  Does he play in the Minor League Player-Pitch Division or the Majors Division?
Well yes, it can be a little confusing. For the sake of consistency, players are registered according to their league age. However, all players beyond the Tee Ball Division will be placed according to their skill level, which will be determined during mandatory evaluations to be held after registration closes. That's why there are some age overlaps in the division descriptions. So your 11-year-old will register for the Majors Division according to his league age but he might be drafted in the Minor League Player-Pitch Division after his evaluation. In that case, you will be refunded the difference in the registration fee between those two divisions.   

What if my son is league age 12 but he has already played on a 50/70 field and wants to keep doing that?
If your son is league age 12, register him for the Majors Division. However, if he really wants to play in the 50/70 Intermediate Division, he will have to try out for that level. If his skill level is very high he may be drafted into the higher division based on tryouts and, if available, a previous coaches' evaluation.

It is important to note that the registration forms allow a player to indicate his preference for a division other than what his league age would otherwise dictate. Evaluations will be required.

Okay, you're all set to register. Click the button below to begin!

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