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SYC Little League 2023/2024 Board of Directors             Name                                    Email

Responsible for the conduct of SYC in strict conformity to the policies, principles, Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball.

Anthony Bullano

[email protected]

Vice President
Coordinate coaching staff & training, coordinates All Star activities, update scores and pitch counts, and assist with uniform procurement. 

Brad Heilman

[email protected]

Receive all monies, securities, and deposit same.
Chris Copenhaver [email protected]

Records activities of SYCLL and maintains appropriate files.

Jason McCliment

[email protected]

Player Agent 
Conducts the evaluations, manages the player draft and all other player transactions.

Shaun Saad

Safety Officer / Equipment Manager
Responsible for Safety Plan. Inspects, issues and maintains equipment.

Mike Santoro

[email protected]

Information Officer
Set up and manage the league's official website & social media platforms, email communications and registration process.

Michelle Chopper

[email protected]

Field Maintenance Coordinator
Responsible for field  & building maintenance and associated supplies.


[email protected]

League Scheduler
Facilitates the procurement of indoor facility & fields for team practices and games.

Audrey Carpenter

 [email protected]

Umpire in Chief
Responsible for the recruiting & training of umpires. Provides coaches with rule changes/updates throughout the season.

Brian Howard

[email protected]

Sponsorship Coordinator / Fundraising Manager
Solicits and secures local sponsorships to support SYC operations.

Jackie Saad

[email protected]

Background Clearance Coordinator
Responsible for obtaining and maintaining updated background information and Little League volunteer applications for all cleared volunteers.

Angie Stover[email protected]
Coaching Coordinator
Responsible for coordination and communication with coaching staff and assists in facilitating coaching education programs.
Doug Welsh [email protected]
Concessions Coordinator
Maintains and coordinates the Concessions stand and Concessions activities.
Deanna Borst[email protected]

Challenger Division Coordinator
Coordinate Challenger player recruitment efforts, prepares game schedule and identifies "buddies" to assist with games. 

Jake Lantz [email protected]


We need your help to keep the league running. How can I help? Well I'm glad you asked! There are many ways you can give back and help keep smiles on our  players' faces!

How can I volunteer? 
You can volunteer in numerous ways but not limited to the following:

Become an umpire: 
We always need umpires for the games! If you are interested in umpiring, contact us at [email protected]! Our umpires are offered extensive training to become Little League certified.

Become a board member:
We are always looking for help on the board in many capacities.

Become a manager or a coach:
We can never have enough coaches! Volunteer to help coach and see those smiles on the kids' faces!

Become a team parent:
Managers and coaches have a lot to deal with and always need a team mom/dad to help with information!

Teams will be assigned dates to work in concessions but we can always use more help throughout the season!

Become a scorekeeper:
Coaches always need someone to keep the book so they can focus on the on-field things!

If you are interested in volunteering and need guidance or help: contact us at [email protected]!

Contact League President if you're intereste