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About SYC Tournament Baseball Program

What is the SYC Tournament Baseball Program?

SYC Baseball offers a Tournament Program allowing players to compete in high-level baseball with the most competent, seasoned coaches with significant baseball experience including tournament-level play and/or team management. The Tournament Program operates as a separate sub-committee within the SYC Baseball program and is not affiliated with SYC Little League. The Tournament Program Committee is governed by the following 5 members of the SYC Baseball board: President, Vice President, Secretary, Information Officer & Player Agent.


Tryouts will be held in mid-August and will be evaluated by a combination of Tournament Program Committee members, team Managers, and experienced SYC coaches. The evaluation team will include individuals whose children are not participating in the tryout but may also include some individuals whose children are participating in the tryout. Players must bring their own equipment to the tryout. Returning tournament players are required to attend tryouts for subsequent years. An exception may be made if a returning player is unable to attend a tryout due to extraordinary circumstanRetces (ex: injury, illness, etc.).

During tryouts, players will be evaluated on the fundamentals of baseball including the following:

   ·  Hitting – balance & athleticism, plate discipline, weight transfer, hitting up the middle

   ·  Fielding (including catching & throwing) – technique, follow through, hand positioning

   ·  Pitching – wind up, stride, rotation, power and accuracy

   ·  Base Running & Base Stealing – technique, speed and reading batted balls

   ·  Hustle & Attitude

Players selected for a tournament team (based on their tryout) will be sent an invitation. Invitations to the teams will typically be sent after Labor Day.


A team will have no more than 12 players. At least 70% (approx. 8-9 players) of the roster must be SYC Little League spring or fall participants.

Registration Fees

$100 per player to cover uniform (shirt & hat), facility usage/practice fields and insurance. All coaches are required to pay for their own shirts & hats. All tournament costs will be paid solely by participant families of the team. Team registration fees and other team-level costs will be allocated evenly amongst the players. All personal equipment (bats, gloves, catchers gear, etc) and other personal items will be the responsibility of the participant families. Tournaments are generally expected within a maximum 2-hour driving distance from SYC to limit travel costs. No fees are due at tryouts. All Tournament Program players will register after invitations have been delivered and accepted.


A Manager will be selected for each team by the Tournament Program Committee. The Manager will have final say in all roster spots of the team and will nominate/select their assistant coaches after tryouts. Managers may seek out tournament opportunities, but all tournaments are subject to approval by the Tournament Program Committee.

Any grievances with the Team or Manager which cannot be resolved after discussion with the Manager should be brought to the attention of the Tournament Program Committee for resolution. The Committee will not address issues associated with playing time or positions as those are in the full discretion of the Manager.

Guidelines for Players

PLAYING TIME – Playing time is not guaranteed. Players can expect to compete for a position and playing time. The "everyone plays" expectations of recreation baseball does not necessarily apply in competitive baseball. Spots on the roster will depend on the amount of work you put into it both at practice and at home.

Playing time will most likely be determined based on a player’s level of dedication as well as improvements made throughout the year. Players will start to develop and play more in a certain “area” of position, as opposed to playing "everywhere”.

A player "may or may not” play in any given game. Many coaches tend to develop players throughout league play, but in tournaments the top 9 will get most of the playing time. A player could spend a significant amount of time sitting while they are learning.

PRACTICE TIME – Players need to be prepared for a much greater time commitment. Practices will be 2-3x per week, based on the team’s needs and the coaches’ demands. Tournament practice time during the spring and fall Little League seasons will be limited to 1x per week.

Guidelines for Parents

TIME COMMITMENT – Practices would begin immediately after team selection. Tournament practice would be lighter during the Little League seasons (about 1x per week) and heavier outside of the Little League seasons (2-3x per week). Note: The Little League spring season is from April thru mid-June. Little League and District 14 Clarence Boyd tournament play would be late-June through early August. Little League fall ball season is from September thru October.

Plan on 1-5 tournaments being played from March thru Labor Day (but not conflicting with the Little League tournament season). Tournaments are generally held on Saturdays and Sundays.

Expect your Manager to request that any vacations not conflict with tournament weekends or the week immediately prior to tournament weekend.

FINANCIAL – Tournament fees are not included in the player registration fee. Prepare to spend approx. $50 - $75 per tournament for entrance fees thru the course of the year, depending on how many tournaments your team plays in. Each tournament costs between $500 - $750 per team.

Teams may rely on corporate sponsorship and team fundraisers to help cover some of the costs associated with competitive baseball.

FUNDRAISING – The Tournament program will do some sort of fundraising, and you are expected to be at these to do your part in raising monies for your team (spirit nights, concessions, spirit wear, etc). The program may do several of these throughout the season.

Want to to learn more? 
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