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Soccer FAQs

Player Eligibility
The Sands Eagles Soccer Program (SESP) is open to all Sands Montessori School children ages 6 - 11. Players must be at least 6 years old as of July 31 of the current season and not turn 12 before July 31 of the current season to participate. Birth years are from Aug 1 to July 31. 

The SESP fields teams in 3 age/gender divisions. U8 (Under age 8) Girls and Boys divisions. U10 (Under age 10) Girls and Boys divisions. U12 (Under age 12) Girls and Boys divisions.

Can my child "play up" in an older/higher SAY Age Division?
While a registrant can request their child "play up", it's preferable that roster spots be assigned to correct aged/division players. The developmental differences (both physical and psychological) between age groups is more significant than you may realize, and playing at the correct age/division is often best for the player. Regardless, a player can only "play up" within one year/division higher, they cannot move up by age difference of 2 years/divisions (e.g., no U8 eligible players on U12 teams).

All requests to "play up" must be presented prior to the time of registration, and approved by the SESP District Representative.

How are soccer teams formed/decided?
A draw is conducted when forming new teams, as required by SAY rules. Teams are formed soon after the main registration period opens (approximately 2 weeks) to meet deadlines for SAY East Cincinnati game scheduling. Teams are formed to equally balance both the number and ages of players on a team in each age division.

Coaches' children are placed on their respective team. In order to create a team there must be the following:
1) a qualifying Head coach
2) sufficient number of Assistant coaches
3) enough players to meet team size requirements (size varies with each age division) 
4) enough resources to support the team including fields, equipment, and other limitations

My child is a club player. Can she/he also play for SESP?
Though SAY players cannot play for multiple SAY teams, SAY East Cincinnati does not have any policies on playing both club and SAY soccer simultaneously. Check with your child's club team to be sure they allow play on multiple teams and/or different organizations.

The SESP welcomes all Sands Elementary School children to participate in our program. However, we do expect that if your child is a club player she/he will attend their SESP practices and games. Doing so will help them get to know their fellow classmates, form friendships, develop chemistry within their team, and shows respect to their teammates, coaches, and opponents. 

Are coaches or soccer program administrators paid?
No. The SESP is entirely run by volunteers. Without volunteers there would be no program. Thanks to all who volunteer!
See: Parent Volunteer Coaching page

Can my child play with a cast?
No. SAY rules stipulate players may not wear any hard objects!
Hard casts are not allowed even if wrapped in a protective foam, etc. Soft casts/braces may be permissible.

Can my child play with an earring or jewelry?
No. SAY rules stipulate that players may not wear any hard objects or jewelry of any kind, including taped up starter earrings.

How do I know when games are canceled, moved or postponed?
Coaches are expected to check the game hotline prior to their game, and should communicate any delays/cancellations with the team using the contact provided during registration. Parents/guardians/caregivers can also call the SAY East Cincinnati game hotline phone number (513-400-4309), which is updated the evening and morning before each game day.

If you do call the game hotline and find that your field has be reassigned, or your game is cancelled, please notify the coaching staff of this information. We want to make sure everyone is on the same page, and that a player doesn't miss a game due to miscommunication.

Where do spectators sit during games?

Spectators should sit outside field lines on the side opposite of the team/coach. Please sit back a minimum of 5 feet from the field edge to allow players room. Please be aware that soccer balls can be kicked hard (out of bounds) - to avoid getting injured, please pay attention to the game. Keep small children away from edge lines for their safety. Those holding infants must be extremely cautious when sitting near sidelines!

Can spectators stand or sit behind goals during games?
. SAY rules stipulate this is not allowed. Not even for photography.

What is spectator etiquette?
Your job as a spectator is easy, simply cheer on the players! Cheering is great and encouraged! However please do not make negative remarks to anyone on the field. Doing so may result in a penalty, being asked to leave, or worse.

Unless explicitly asked to do so by the team's coaching staff, spectators should NEVER coach any players during the game. Only coaches should be instructing players on the field. Hearing parents, friends, and strangers telling a player what to do on the field causes confusion and more often than not is detrimental to the play of the game. It also diminishes the players enjoyment of the game, and can undermine the coaches, all of whom have worked hard together to make this a positive, fun experience for everyone. 

Can spectators speak to referees?
SAY rules state that spectators should never speak with the game officials. Only coaches have some leniency to speak with referees about game situations/issues. 

The league holds head coaches responsible for the conduct of families/spectators of their team. Spectator behavior can result in a coach being penalized by the referees up to and including suspension from the game. 

If you have a concern during the match, please address it directly with your team's coaching staff or the Sands Soccer District Representative. Do not address it to the referees.

Lightning/thunder or bad weather during practice or games?
SAY has a lightning and thunder policy - see Section: Coaching Support / SAY Lightning Policy.
Note that soccer is played even in the rain and cold - but not in a thunderstorm / lightning.
If fields are extremely wet games or practices may be cancelled. For game status - call the SAY East hotline phone number (513-400-4309).

Do the U8 Passers follow the 'Offside' rule in Soccer?
There is no "offsides" penalty in the U8 division. 

Are games scores and rankings kept?
Although parents, coaches, and players may be aware of the game score, SAY East Cincinnati does not keep track of scoring in the U8 and U10 divisions. The Fall season offers tournament play for all SAY areas. Only U12 divisions during the Fall season keep scores for purposes of post-season tournament play.

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