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Concussion Handling Procedure


Click on link below to see the recommended procedure on how to handle head injuries per a possible concussion.


Key Points

1.      Get the player out the activity (game/practice) – resting quietly.

2.      Head Coach - Call parent/guardian/caregiver immediately (Do not wait.)

If you feel things are more serious immediately call 911.

For required concussion certification training please visit the Concussion Certification Page.

Always report head injuries or other non-trivial injuries to the District Representative ([email protected]) within 24 Hours (e.g. injuries that may need follow up medical attention).

Better to be overreactive than to let it go and end up with more serious problems later!

We need to ensure that in the event of any injury  the player’s legal guardian is informed as soon as possible.

Even if a relative or friend is the one present at the time (i.e. no parents/guardians/caregivers on site) you must call at least one of the parents/guardians/caregivers.

The head coach needs to be the one to contact the parents directly and preferably by phone.

This is especially important for any head/face impact injury which may result in a concussion later (even when no symptoms show at first).

For this type of injury please always contact the District Representative as well at 513-222-7963 after contacting the parent/guardian/caregiver. 

Even if there is an apparent minor head/face impact injury sit the player out for 10-15 minutes and then re-evaluate their condition.

Any continued signs of headaches, dizziness, pain, etc. means the player must remain out the remainder of game or practice. You must advise parent/guardian/caregiver to seek professional medical attention.

No player should return to activity on the same day he/she gets a concussion.

Athletes should NEVER return to practices/games if they still have ANY symptoms (which could last several days or weeks).

The following required concussion form needs to be submitted when an incident occurs:



Ohio's Return-to-Play Law

Players returning to practice after sustaining a concussion are subject to Ohio's Return-to-Play law. It is important that coaches, parents/guardians/caregivers, and players are cognizant of, and adhere to, this law.

Ohio’s Return-to-Play law (ORC 3313.539 or ORC 3314.03) requires that Ohio youth athletes who are suspected of sustaining a concussion, MUST be removed from practice or play. Ohio laws prohibit a child to return to play (practice or competition) on the same day that he/she is removed on suspicion of having sustained a concussion. He/she may return the following day if cleared in writing by a physician (MD or DO) or other authorized healthcare provider that he/she did not sustain a concussion.

Further details can be found here: Ohio's Return-to-Play Law
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