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Player / Coach Code of Ethics

Parents/Guardians/Caregivers, please take a moment to review the following with your child.

I will compete within the rules of soccer. Integrity and good sportsmanship are my top priorities. 

I will be respectful to coaches, referees, parents/guardians/caregivers, spectators, and players.
Do not create an incident that would be cause for your removal from the game.

I will b
e a positive influence on the team.
Recognize that your behavior becomes a model others may choose to emulate. Good sportsmanship and positive support for your teammates, and others, is a necessity for all players.

I will f
ollow the team rules established by the coach.
If the coach is constantly confronted with discipline problems, practices and games will not be fun for anyone.

I will a
ttend every practice and game that I can
and will notify my coach if I cannot.

I will talk with 
my parents/guardians/caregivers and/or coaches if soccer stops being fun
or if I feel that I have not received a fair and equal amount of playing time.

I will n
ot allow practices and games to take precedence over school and homework.
Soccer is a game. There are many things in life that are more important.

Cincinnati Public School's Student Athlete's Code of Conduct:


SAY East League Conduct Rules:

1. Entering the field of play without referee permission (Up to one year
2. A coach or assistant coach instructing the players of his or her team not to
play when a referee instructs the team to do so (Up to one year probation).
3. Constant and/or excessive heckling and/or harassment of the referee, players.
or opposing coaches (One game suspension and/or up to one year probation).
4. Foul and/or abusive language to a referee (Two game suspension and/or up to
one year probation).
5. Threatening actions or words to a referee, player or fan (Two game suspension
and/or up to one year probation).
6. Refusal to leave the field of play after an ejection or request by the referee.
that the offending party vacate the area (Two game suspension and/or up to two
year probation).
7. Aggressive physical contact with the referee or a player, i.e., grabbing the
arm, turning the person around, poking, bumping, pushing, etc. (Five game
suspension and one year probation).
8. Instructing the players to play in a dangerous or unsportsmanlike manner
(Five game suspension and one year probation).
9. Striking a referee (Permanent expulsion).
10. Any player, coach or spectator observed using or under the influence of drugs
and/or alcohol before or during a game will not be permitted to play or watch that
game (Five game suspension).
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