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A prepared and thoughtful practice plan is key to a fun and successful practice. Showing up to practice with no plan and trying to "wing it" inevitably leads to inconsistent and often chaotic practices and the results are not good (excessive behavioral issues, players being left out, little accomplished/learned). Everyone involved (players, coaches, and families) will have a far better experience on an organized team. 

A few thoughts on practices:

1. Think about your goals for each practice and incorporate games and drills that emphasize those skills you are working on for that practice. 

2. Take time to research games, drills, etc... If running a new game or drill, try practicing it with your family first to see what works and what you may want to tweak. 

3. Be on time and ready to go before practice starts. Practices run much better when coaches are prepared and have everything ready to go at the start of practice. 

4. You'll get more done, and have an easier time doing it when all coaches are actively involved in preparing for and running practices. 

The internet is FULL of videos, documents, and discussions covering soccer drills, games, and coaching techniques. Below are just a few videos and content to get you started. I encourage you to seek out your own resources as well.

Wiki-How: How to Kick a Soccer Ball (mainly see 'Method 2' parts 3-4-5)

Coerver Coaching - Ball Mastery Skills

Robin Fraser - Defense - long video, covers a lot of ground on defense and coaching in general.

Soccer Practice Drills and Games Sample List - a list of drills and games with comments, compiled by Sands coaches over the years. 

Sands Practice Plan Template - I like this template a lot as it develops a consistent ebb and flow to each practice which is very helpful when coaching kids.

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