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Concussion Awareness

Concussion Facts:

1. A concussion is a brain injury or trauma caused by a hit or a blow to the head/body, contact with the ground, ball or another player.
2. Most concussions occur without a loss of consciousness.
3. The severity of injury will depend on many different factors and is not known until symptoms resolve and brain function is back to normal.
4. All concussions are not created equally. Every player is different, every injury is different.
5. After concussion is suspected, you should leave the field of play immediately and not return, before consulting a doctor.
Ohio law requires written permission from a health care provider before an athlete can return to play.  
See below - Ohio House Bill 143.


Symptoms and signs of a possible concussion in youth:

1. Headaches
2. Blurry, fuzzy or double vision
3. Sensitive to light and or noise
4. Concentration problems or memory loss
5. Feeling sluggish
6. Slurred speech
7. Balance and dexterity problems or dizziness
8. Vomiting or weak stomach
9. General confusion
10. Slow reaction time
11. Difficulty concentrating
12. Irritable
13. Sleep disturbances
14. Loss of consciousness

Recommended Return To Play Procedure:

1. If a player is suspected of having a concussion, seek medical attention immediately.
2. Youth players should be kept out of all athletic activities including practice when a concussion is either suspected or diagnosed.
3. While the brain is healing from a trauma athletes are significantly more likely to receive a second concussion if they begin athletic activity too soon.
4. Keep possibly concussed athletes away from any cognitive activities that require concentration or intense focus.
5. Activities such as computer work,lengthy TV watching and playing video games should be avoided.
6. Do not give any medication to an athlete who is suspected of having a concussion unless it was previously prescribed or authorized by a physician after the trauma.
7. You should only return to training or game activity after being physically cleared and signed off by a doctor.

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