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Located in Darien IL, the Darien Youth club serves young athletes from all of DuPage County. As well, DYC is a 100% VOLUNTEER ran club!

Darien Youth Club formed in 1960

DYC Financial Assistance Program

DYC Financial Assistance Program


The Rotary Club of Darien acknowledges the need for residents with an economic hardship to enrich their lives through participation in recreation programs. To ensure equal access to recreation programs through the Darien community, the Rotary Club of Darien (“Rotary”) will provide funding assistance/scholarships for District residents in financial need subject to available and fiscal year appropriations.

Assistance may be in the form of a payment plan whereby the cost of the program will be spread over a period of time to allow the family/individual to afford the program as determined by the District or may be a partial scholarship whereby the cost of the program will be reduced according to the guidelines stated hereinafter and the difference reimbursed by Rotary. Applications, determination of need, and amount of funding assistance shall be determined per the following guidelines:

1. Financial assistance/scholarship participants must reside within Darien and the surrounding suburbs  to be eligible.

2. All information on the application must be true and accurate and will be kept confidential. Scholarships are legally recoverable if awarded on the basis of false information supplied by the applicant and will nullify the request for a scholarship.

3. The Director of the Financial Assistance Program, the paid Darien Youth Club (DYC) Accountant, and the Treasurer of the DYC shall serve as agents for the Rotary Club of Darien to determine eligibility and funding assistance/scholarships.

4. All financial assistance/scholarships will be awarded on a first come-first serve basis, on the basis of need and the ability of Rotary to absorb the cost. The DYC reserves the right to approve partial funding or deny applicant’s request.

5. The DYC shall request from Rotary payment based on a reimbursement basis for financial assistance/scholarships approved. The DYC shall annually or more frequently as requested by Rotary to provide a statement of approved financial assistance/scholarships.

6. An application must be completed every time a request for financial assistance/scholarship is made. Granting of assistance/scholarship does not ensure continued approval for succeeding sessions.

7. All DYC programs are available for scholarships EXCEPT for indoor soccer.  Assistance will be limited to the yearly maximum per family amount.

8. Seasons & Year defined as Summer: June – August, Fall: Sept. – December, Winter/Spring: January – May) to coincide with DYC fiscal year Jan 1st- December 31st.

9. Applicants may only apply for assistance/scholarships for one (1) program/activity/class per session per participant. Applicant must submit completed application seventy (7) days before the registration deadline date of the program season.

10. Recipients awarded assistance/scholarship must pay their portion prior to the start of the program. Recipients’ failure to pay their portion of the program fee will result in denying the recipient access to the program/activity/class.

11. Eligibility for financial assistance shall be based on if the family is receiving Federal Income Free Meals and Reduced Priced Meals and will be judged based on the need of the family as determined by the Financial Assistance Director and Treasurer of the DYC.

12. Applicants must fill out application fully and shall attach the following documents:

a. DYC Registration Form

b. Financial Assistance Application Form

c. Copy of public aid card, county aid number.

d. Signed agreement to pay remainder if applicable.

13. Any person who receives financial assistance for a program and fails to attend on a regular basis may be disqualified from future eligibility.

Click here for the application.  For assistance, contact [email protected]

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