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Located in Darien IL, the Darien Youth club serves young athletes from all of DuPage County. As well, DYC is a 100% VOLUNTEER ran club!

Darien Youth Club formed in 1960


DYC code of conduct


The Darien Youth Club Code of Conduct has been established to set a standard of behavior for level occurs, Coaches, Managers, Officials and Volunteers of the Darien Youth Club, along with a behavior for the participants, their parents and all spectators.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to establish that the aim of the Darien Youth Club, as Stated in Article II of the By-Laws is to " provide wholesome activities and entertainment for the resident the area that are in keeping with the interests and desires of the members of the Club and residents of the area" and "to foster and promote camaraderie, good fellowship, sportsmanship in all of its members, coaches, instructors and volunteer workers" and "to dedicate all organizational efforts to the Youth Club's sacred trust the children and young adults of the community."

It is the responsibility of the Directors to recruit coaches that live up to the ideals of the Darien Youth Club and who will abide by the Rules, By-Laws and Conduct Code of the organization. It is also the responsibility of the Directors to make sure the coaches are knowledgeable of the rules and regulations of their sport and to provide training to them, if necessary. 

The type of coach that should be recruited is one who is responsible, a good leader and a good role model to his/her team. He/She must respect their players and the referees or officials. No foul language, verbal abuse or physical abuse will be allowed by the Darien Youth Club toward any team member, official, parent, spectator or other coach. Infractions of this could result in suspension from further coaching responsibilities. The coach must be in control of his/her language and behavior at all times and be perceived by those around him/her as an asset to their program.

The coach is responsible for the conduct of their team members, on and off the field, the parents of their team members and any spectators following their team. The coach has the responsibility to remove any player from a game where unsportsmanlike conduct is displayed. The coach also has the responsibility to ask any parent or spectator to refrain from rude or obnoxious behavior and to suspend game play, with approval of the official(s), if necessary, until the situation is under control. All participants in Darien Youth Club programs are to display respect for their coach(es), the officials, their fellow team members and members of the opposing team. No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated. Suspension from the game or suspended game play could be effected if problems arise.

The parents of Darien Youth Club participants are a vital part of the success of this organization and their conduct should set an example for their children. They must show respect for their child's coach, the officials, Darien Youth Club Directors and the opposing team. Any inappropriate behavior will result in warnings and possible stoppage of their child's game. Serious irresponsible behavior could jeopardize future participation in the Darien Youth Club by them and/or their child. Parents are responsible to watch their children and be responsible to get their children to and from games and practices on a timely basis. The Darien Youth Club is not a baby-sitting service. Coaches cannot be responsible for children before or after a scheduled practice or game. Adult behavior is requested and expected.

All spectators at Darien Youth Club functions are expected to conduct themselves in a spiritful but respectful manner. Disruptions by spectators will result in their being asked to leave the event or in termination of the event. 

At all times, the reason for the existence of this organization, "..the children and young adults of the community", must remain uppermost in the minds of all involved.



The Darien Youth Club, in keeping with its tradition of dedication to the youth of this community, affirms its commitment and support to drug and alcohol abuse awareness. The Darien Youth Club will strive to provide a healthy, moral environment for all participants through its Officers, Directors, Officials, Coaches, Managers and other Volunteers and the example of their behavior reflects

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