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Located in Darien IL, the Darien Youth club serves young athletes from all of DuPage County. As well, DYC is a 100% VOLUNTEER ran club!

Darien Youth Club formed in 1960


Darien Youth Club Baseball

Our program was built by volunteer parents to provide baseball to the youth in our community. We have continued and will continue the tradition that was set with our founding of allowing all kids to play no matter their background. With that said, we will provide kids of all skill levels the opportunity to play a sport and be part of a team. We hope all kids get to learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and grow communication skills, as well as the fundamentals of baseball. Our members are the ones who will set examples for their kids, especially those who coach and volunteer.

DYC offers baseball for all kids ages 4-16, with 7 divisions, under the PONY baseball guidelines. Below is an age key for the 2021 season. Your child's age for the season will be determined by their age on August 31st, as seen below. 

Baseball Divisions

DYC Offers 7 divisions for In-House baseball. All kids play no matter skill level or experience. Below is a brief overview of each level. DYC also offers a travel programs under the Darien Stars for baseball and Darien Knockouts for Softball.

T-Ball 4,5,6

For both boys and girls ages 4-6, T-ball focuses on learning teamwork and baseball fundamentals. Throwing, fielding and hitting basics will be taught. Batting will be done off a tee, with 50' bases. All kids play and have a full rotating batting order throughout the game. At the end of the season, DYC will host an Olympic Day for all participants to showcase their skills. The goal of t-ball is to have fun while learning the basics. Details of the season will be determined by the director. This division is for both boys and girls, although DYC also offers 6U Fundamentals of Softball for girls who wish to start in softball.

The t-ball season usually start at the end of April or the Start of May, with the season ending near the end of June. All games and practices will be held at Hinsbrook Park.

Pinto 7U

Pinto 7U is for 7 year olds to introduce more baseball concepts into the game. The focus is still on teaching and development of fundamental, along with building sportsmanship and responsibility, while introducing coach pitch to the game. The field will increase to 60' bases, with no stealing or bunting.

All games and practices will be held at Mark DeLay school and Hinsbrook Park.

Pinto 8U

Pinto 8U is the next step in baseball development, by introducing kid pitch to the game. The game will be similar to that of 7U, with the exception of pitching. Bases remain at 60' with a pitching distance of 40'. 

All games and practices will be held at Mark DeLay school and Hinsbrook Park.

Mustang 10U

For kids 9 and 10, they will play under more traditional baseball rules with the introduction of stealing. Bases stay at 60' with a pitching distance of 46'. At this age, the game will more closely resemble the game they see on TV. Every position is important, with teamwork being the most important factor.

All games and practices will be held at Lace School, Eisenhower Jr. High, and Westwood Park.

Bronco 12U

For kids 11 and 12, they will now play with full baseball rules, under the Greater DuPage Pony Baseball Association (GDPBA), which uses PONY baseball rules. Kids will learn lead-offs, pick-offs, balks, and other more advanced baseball concepts. Bases will be placed at 70' with a pitching distance of 50'.  

Games and practices will be held at EisenhowerJr High, with away games at nearby towns.

Pony 14U

For kids 13 and 14, they will play with full baseball rules under the GDPBA. The field will have 80' bases and a pitching distance of 54', which is almost a full size field. This division will prepare the kids for the transition to high school for those who wish to play, and allow a fun and competitive setting to play.

Games and practices will be held at Eisenhower Jr High, with away games at nearby towns.

Colt 16U 

For kids 15 and 16, this season is held after the high school season to accommodate those who play on a high school team. We play with full baseball rules under the GDPBA. The field is now full size, with bases at 90', and a pitching distance of 60' 6". This is not a win at all cost division. All kids will play regardless of skill level.

Games and practices will be held locally, with away games in nearby towns.

Season Overview

Season Timing - The baseball season typically starts mid April for all divisions excluding T-ball and Colt, which begin late April and Late May respectively. The Colt season will be determined by the high school season, which may run longer in 2021. All seasons except for Colt usually end at the end of June concluding with playoffs and All-Star games depending on division. 

Each in season schedule will be determined by the Commissioner of Baseball and his Directors at each level. Typically, all divisions except for T-ball will have 2 games per week, one weekday and one weekend with practices held the first two weeks of the season with out games. Weekday games will be usually be held at 6 PM and weekend games between 9 AM and 6 PM. Coaches may hold practices throughout the season at their discretion. 

Pinto and Mustang will typically play 12 games in a regular season plus more for playoffs. Bronco and above may play up to 18 games plus playoffs.

Game and Practice Locations - DYC baseball will utilize fields in the Darien area, with fields at Mark DeLay, Lace, and Eisenhower Jr High Schools, operated by DYC, and Darien Park District Fields at Hinsbrook, Westwood and Darien Community Park. All locations can be found on the DYC Field status page. Away games for Bronco and above will be played in surrounding towns as part of the GDPBA.

Equipment - DYC will provide the following equipment.
- Jersey
- Hat
- Socks
- Game Balls for coaches
- Catchers Gear

The following equipment must be supplied by the player.
- Batting Helmet
- Fielding Glove
- Bat (must comply with PONY baseball rules except for T-ball)
- Baseball Pants
- Cleats (must be molded/rubber for all levels except Pony and above)

Rules of Play - Rules for T-ball will be determined by the director. We will implement a rotating batting order allowing each child to hit each inning, advancing one base at a time, playing up to a designated time limit determined by the director. We want to keep everything educational to build fundamentals and have fun.

For all other levels of play, DYC uses PONY baseball rules with in-house adjustments made as needed.

Rules for Pinto 7 & 8 will be determined by the director, but will be based on PONY baseball rules for Pinto. Pinto 7 will utilize coach pitch until 3 outs or 5 runs are reached per inning for a designated time limit. Pinto 8 will have kid pitch with the same 3 outs or 5 run rule per inning for a time limit determined by the director. 

Mustang will also be based on PONY baseball rules, with any in-house adjustments made by the division director. This includes stealing after the ball crossing home plate. There are no lead-offs in this division.

Bronco and above play based on rules determined by the GDPBA, which uses PONY baseball rules with adjustments made by the GDPBA Rules Committee.

PONY baseball rules can be found here. GDPBA rules can be found here. All bats must have a USSSA Stamp to be used in play, unless it is a -3 BBCOR bat.

Team Formation - We will attempt to create all teams equal, although it may not be perfect. Team formation will be determined by the Commissioner of Baseball and its designated director. Typically, Pinto will be formed from school affiliation and parent requests. In Mustang and above, players will go through an evaluation process and be drafted to each team. Each team will be led by a volunteer head coach and assistant. The draft order will be determined by the cumulative scores of the coaches kid's evaluation numbers, with the lowest rated picking first. It is up to the coach to determine their team. If you would like to coach, please select the option during registration, or contact your division director or [email protected] Request to play on a specific team will be considered on a case by case basis.

Division Directors

CommissionerNick Skweres (ACTING)[email protected]630-669-0559
T-BallJeff Rucinski[email protected]
PintoJoe D'Andrea[email protected]
MustangJohn Kyriazis[email protected]
BroncoKevin Webb[email protected]
PonyBrian Fudacz[email protected]630-487-9943
StarsKraig Conyer[email protected]773-339-5472
UmpiresJamie Kuhlman[email protected]630-291-0601
TournamentSteve Alavi[email protected]847-309-4895


Umpires - All games in Pinto 8 and above will have at least 1 umpire per game, with up to 2 at Mustang and above. Games for Pinto and Mustang will be officiated by young adult umpires, ages 12+, and games for Bronco and up will include at least 1 patched adult umpire. We offer an umpire training program for kids 12 and up to start their umpiring career. pleas contact our umpire director if you are interested.

End of Season Events - At the end of the season, T-ball will host an Olympic Day for all participants to showcase their newly learned skills. Pinto and Mustang will have playoffs and All-Star games determined by the director. Bronco and Pony will also have All-Star games and playoff against other towns in the GDPBA.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. We appreciate all feedback to improve our program.

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