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Junior Coach (Ages 11-14)

Volunteering Expectations

  • Orientation: Observe a youth soccer class by confirming a date/time with Coach Jamie Scott. During that time, observe or shadow on the field with a lead coach.

  • Assignment: Once you have had an orientation day, then you have the opportunity to be assigned to a class with a lead coach. Update your availability in Teamsnap (Teamsnap details to follow).

  • Confirmation: Once you have received your assignment via Teamsnap, confirm your receipt by responding to the reminder message from Coach Jamie Scott. Review the class session plan that corresponds to your assignment (Files/Media section in Teamsnap).

  • Day of Class: Wear your coaching t-shirt and athletic attire, dress to the weather. Arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time. Check in on the field with Coach Jamie Scott or the contact for the day. Plan on assisting with activity set-up, take-down, demonstrations, and encouraging young soccer players within the activities. 

App as a Volunteer Junior Staff

  • Accept the invite: Teamsnap will send you an email invite (avoid school email addresses). After accepting the invite from Teamsnap via email, download the app and create an account. For returning users, make certain to use the same email address as with previous Teamsnap accounts.

  • Upload your contact information: Include your phone number. Adding a family member to your contact list is a good idea for a checks and balance.

  • Turn on communication: 
        -(Phone) find More - My Preferences - turn on Alerts and Schedule Updates under Mobile Notifications. 
         -(PC) locate Preferences - select Send push notifications. Also, under Roster - Contact Info - select Receive Emails and  select Team alerts sent via SMS.

  • Update your availability: 
       -(Phone) locate the Schedule - choose the hours you can work by selecting Going on the question mark box. 
       -(PC) locate Availability tab - select Going on all open boxes labeled “Volunteer”.

Click on the image to visit 

Volunteer Assignments

  • Select the hours you can volunteer. Do so before each Monday of the upcoming week, you can review open assignments under “assignments” on the pc site or view the “schedule” feature on the mobile site.

  • Respond to reminder message. At the beginning of each week, Coach Jamie Scott sends a reminder message via Teamsnap to only those persons assigned to work. You must respond to that message to confirm your spot.

  • Once you are assigned, it's ideal to review the corresponding session plan. All plans can be located in the “files” section of your Teamsnap account.

  • Communicate any conflicts or changes asap. Last minute cancels put stress on the entire crew. 

  • Of note, not all volunteers are assigned to work. You can always preview assignments under the “assignments” tab in Teamsnap. But, always look for and respond to the reminder message from Coach Jamie Scott.

Being an Effective Volunteer Junior Staff

  • Volunteering is the best way to give back. By offering verbal reassurance and positive feedback to beginning soccer players, you will earn their trust and respect. Use your voice as a valuable resource.
  • Get involved right away. Have a ball at your feet, perform the skills that the lead staff is teaching. Allow beginning soccer players to watch you.
  • Ask questions and clarify unknowns. Every lead staff member has been in your situation, they are here to help you succeed.

Additional Details

  • The goals of junior coaching are to foster the love of the game in young soccer players and give back to the community. Earn service hours while learning to coach and instruct. 

  • Ideally, junior coaches will grow to become lead coaches and paid staff. Junior coaches can become lead staff during High School years or by showing effective on-field presence.

  • Communicate any cancellations immediately. Last minute staff cancels put stress on the entire crew. Too many last minute cancels will decrease assigned hours.

  • Soccer classes run year-round. Classes are held at Independence Park, within PCC-S school district, Rosey’s Daycare and High Velocity Sports on MI AVE.

Next Steps

  1. Complete this short online form which will prompt an email invite from Teamsnap: CONTACTINFO
  2. Begin reviewing our schedule of Volunteer spots to sign-up via Teamsnap.

Contact Us

Canton Soccer Club

46245 Michigan Ave. 
Canton, Michigan 48188

Phone: 734-480-7046
Email: [email protected]

Canton Soccer Club

46245 Michigan Ave. 
Canton, Michigan 48188

Phone: 734-480-7046
Email: [email protected]
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