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SOTG Core Values & Principles


“To teach young people valuable, Christ-centered life lessons through sports that will help them grow up to be honest, respectful, hardworking, compassionate role models in their communities; cultivating their love for the Lord through our passion for the game.”


"To offer families an opportunity to participate in one of the premier youth sports programs in the country; a program whose trademark is teaching life lessons and age-appropriate fundamentals in a safe, encouraging and competitive atmosphere.”


Over the years, Stewards of the Game has focused on educating itself, living out and delivering to its family the following values…


We will be intentional about building & strengthening the faith of all our participants including players, coaches and parents. This means…

• Strengthen the faith of our players, coaches & parents…and we strengthen the FAMILY
• Strengthen the family…and we strengthen the community
• Strengthen the community… and we strengthen the commitment to Christ-centered service and inspire a surge in volunteerism
• We strive toTeach Life Lessons Through Sports that lead to everlasting life with our Lord & Savior
• We strive to develop Christ-centered coaches, leaders, mentors and tutors
• We strive to develop Small Group Bible Studies for Players, Coaches and Family Members
• We will actively sponsor both local and global Stewards of the Game Mission Trips
• We will cultivate Church Partnerships; leveraging existing faith-based programs and facilities
• We will train up young people, and adults, to be GIVERS & SERVERS vs. Consumers & Takers 


We will develop and sustain the absolute BEST youth sports programs available in this area; entrusted by parents to deliver a consistently excellent youth sports experience to ALL players across ALL teams in ALL sports we offer. This means…

• We strive to become THE place that all parents want their kids to be coached and mentored
• We will advocate for good, healthy competition in an encouraging environment for players of all skill levels
• We will offer the most solid, age-appropriate fundamental instruction available for a reasonable price
• We will further develop programs and coaching techniques for advanced level players; while not jeopardizing experience for lesser skilled players
• We strive to provide a consistently excellent experience for all participants...across all teams and all sports
• We have a dream to build a Youth Sports Community Center that will help us to further impact our local community by training athletes and help them reach their next-level goals.

Our League Play - Key Principles 

Young people from Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, and Mooresville will play together, on the same teams. We believe if kids from different towns and backgrounds are allowed to play together as youngsters, they will be better prepared to live together as adults.

We will work hard to attract kids from diverse racial, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds to play in this league. No child who wants to play in this league will be turned away because his or her family can’t afford the entry fee. To reinforce league values such as teamwork, hard work and helping others…all families will be asked to participate in fundraising activities to raise money towards funding scholarships for fellow players who could not otherwise afford to play.

Pre-season skills days and drafts will be closely monitored to ensure that talent is spread equally across all regular-season teams.

Every child, regardless of talent level, will be given equal attention and opportunity to improve their fundamental skills.

We will compete to win…but not at all costs. Teaching kids “life lessons” will take precedence over winning games. Winning will be defined by giving one’s best possible effort and not necessarily by the final score. Regular season leagues will not permit the stacking of “neighborhood” teams designed to crush the kids across town. Our primary focus will be in building-up kids. To meet the needs of more advanced players, Stewards of the Game assembles “Challenge Teams” early in the season for periodic weekend tournament play againstother select teams in the Charlotte area. Challenge play will supplement regular season play….not replace it. Challenge players will continue to participate on their regular season teams to reinforce the responsibility we all have in life to lift-up others around us who may not be as athletically gifted.

The interests and safety of the children will come first in everything we do. If a player’s thrown his or her pitch limit, or pulled a hamstring, we will rest them…regardless of the score or “importance” of the game.

Coaching can make or break a child’s experience in youth sports. The Board of Directors, as well as fellow coaches, will hold all coaches accountable in managing their teams in accordance with the Vision, Mission, Philosophies, Values and Principles endorsed by this league. Coaches will be selected based on their embodiment and commitment to these core values and principles, as well as their knowledge of the game. We will select coaches who inspire a passion for the game and who are genuinely committed to helping each individual player become the best player they are capable and determined to become. Coaches will be keenly aware of their dual roles as stewards of the game as well as mentors for each and every child.

Good, sound fundamental skill development will be one of the key trademarks of this league. The instruction will be first-rate and FUN. We will engage professional instructors to hold coaches’ clinics at the beginning of each season to ensure all coaches are well-versed on the proper techniques of the game. These instructors will also be available for private or group lessons. Bottom line, we will work hard to ensure every child has a blast playing the game. When the last out at the end of the season is made, and the kids are running off the field…we want to hear them yell, “Wow, I can’t wait till next season!”

Practices will be fun, yet well-organized and disciplined. Practices will be centered on repetition of sound/proven fundamental techniques. Practices will take precedence over games. If you’re interested in your child practicing an hour a week & playing three games a week…this league is not for you. In contrast, we will likely devote more hours to practices and skill sessions each week than we do games. Stewards of the Game players will learn quickly that if you really want to be good at something…you must be willing to work at it.

We expect each and every player to put forth his or her best effort at every practice and game. Weexpect them to be respectful of all coaches, teammates, opponents and officials. We expect them to display good sportsmanship at all times (Philippians 1:27). We expect players to develop a keen understanding of “teamwork” and their commitment and responsibility to put the interests of the team before their own.

In addition to our coaches and league administrators, we expect every parent and fan to do all they can to support, embody and exemplify the same life lessons and character values that we are trying so passionately to instill in the players. We expect our fans to devote their full energy at team events to encouraging all participants... including opposing players, coaches, fans and umpires. Parents and fans should leave the on-field / on-court instruction and constructive criticism in the hands of the coaches. We also expect full parental support on getting players to show up on time, ready to play, for all practices and games. We cannot teach kids “life lessons” and develop their fundamental skills if they aren’t there. Players must learn how “showing up” for practice is an integral part of the commitment they have made to their fellow teammates. A player’s attendance, level of effort, respect, team play and individual ability will all be determining factors in a coach’s discretionary decision on “playing time.”

Stewards of the Game will strive to “walk the talk” of Christian values on and off the field. Butmake no mistake…our spiritual values will not damper our competitive spirit. In fact, these values will fuel our spirits. Stewards of the Game teams will work hard and play with a “fire in their bellies”…with their primary purpose being to bring honor and glory to God. (Colossians 3:23).

Reaching out to those in need is an integral part of Stewards of the Game as we reinforce to the players, and parents, our life-long responsibility to give back to our communities. Outreach initiatives such as collecting medical supplies for 3rd world countries at our Opening Night Ceremony, administering a Family Crisis Fund, operating an Adopt-a-Family program, awarding an annual Christian Character College Scholarship have all become trademarks of what Stewards of the Game is all about.


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