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Attention future referees! The Wisconsin Soccer Referee Development Program (WisRef) has announced courses for 2022 registration. Candidates ages 13 and up who are first time referees, or previously registered referees who have had a lapse in registration may now register for certification in August. (Note, U.S. Soccer policy mandates the minimum age requirement.) The total cost of the course is $100. Successful candidates will receive a full reimbursement of their registration fee from Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association, plus a 10-piece referee uniform starter kit.

New Grassroots Referee Courses require a combination of independent learning and in person, virtual instruction. Dates for the in-person portion of the course are as follows:

•    Saturday, August 7 | 8:00am – 12:00pm
•    Saturday, August 7 | 1:00pm – 5:00pm
•    Sunday, August 8 | 8:00am – 12:00pm
•    Sunday, August 8 | 1:00pm – 5:00pm
•    Saturday, August 14 | 8:00am – 12:00pm
•    Saturday, August 14 | 1:00pm – 5:00pm
•    Sunday, August 15 | 8:00am – 12:00pm
•    Sunday, August 15 | 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Weekday courses and/or additional courses may be added based on demand.

To register to become a 2022 USSF Referee:
1.    Create a Referee profile in the U.S. Soccer Learning Center.
2.    Register for a 2022 New Grassroots Referee Course.
3.    Complete all required U.S. Soccer coursework.  
4.    Set up a GameOfficials account for assignments.
5.    After completing steps 1-4, notify [email protected] for instructions on the WisRef pre-course work.
6.    When pre-course work is complete, again notify [email protected] to select a date/time for the virtual section.  
7.    Attend a virtual course.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the game, while learning and earning! For registration and certification questions, please contact Sue Walter at [email protected].

Brandon Wachholz
Wisconsin State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA)
USSF Referee Coach, Instructor & Referee
USSF Referee Assignor
Oregon SC|McFarland SC|Norski SC|Magic SC|Rush WI Madison|Middleton United|Regent SC


Interested in becoming a referee?

Being a soccer referee takes work, skill and responsibility. Knowledge of the game and fitness are basic requirements to be an effective official. In return for working games, you are paid a game fee established by the level of game officiated.

Referees can pick and choose what times they are available or not available to pick up games. This allows flexibility to work as many or as few games as you would like. You will be assigned games by our referee assignor Mike Buman and you can accept or decline the assignments.

There is an online portion to the certification class so be sure to give yourself a few weeks to go complete the online modules which must be completed prior to the 8 hour 1 day certification class.

There’s A Ref Shortage!

Wisconsin has a referee shortage. The Wisconsin shortage mirrors that of the nationwide shortage. What can you, or your club or district do, to alleviate the shortage, cover more of your local and away games with full crews, provide your or your child, or someone else you know with some life skills and a little bit of spending money? Encourage them to become a US Soccer registered Referee. WisRef, the US Soccer referee program for Wisconsin plan to start 2021 ‘New Referee” courses in August; typically the courses are a combination of online and in-person learning. The online portion is primarily housed in the US Soccer Learning Center and the WisRef portion is both online and Virtual; the Virtual portion may, as conditions improve, move back to an in-person course. The online content at the US Soccer Learning Center https://learning/ needs to be completed prior to being transferred into the WisRef portion, both online and Virtual. The WisRef 2021 “New Referee” Virtual course listings will be provided to you after you have successfully completed the Learning Center modules.

 After going to https://learning/ select “SIGN UP” in the top right corner, enter your information in ALL the required fields. The site requires a unique email, meaning that you cannot have the same email as your daughter, son, mother, father or sibling. This profile is for the Referee – that is, if you are the parent, put in your child’s information (including the unique email which can be controlled by you). Edit your or your child’s profile information. Users must be 13 years old or older to be a referee. If you have a previous US Soccer referee or coach registration, the system should recognize that – if not please contact [email protected] before proceeding further. DO NOT CREATE A DUPLICATE ACCOUNT. If you have a registration lapse, you may be directed to a “New Referee” course instead of a recert course. If you have a registration lapse, and are not automatically redirected to a “New Referee” course, we will assist in placing you in the “New Referee” course, if you wish to referee yet this fall. The first step is to complete a background screening if you are 18 or older the day you start the process. This is a national background screening as required by US Soccer – the screening is $30 and is good for two years. This screening normally takes 3-5 days, but may be extended due to the current shutdowns. You will have to wait until your background screening is complete, before you are able to proceed to signing up for a course. This is a US Soccer requirement. If you are 17 when you sign up, you will have to complete a background screening and SafeSport when you turn 18 to continue officiating. After the successful completion of your background screening in the Learning Center, navigate to a course by selecting “COURSES” at the top. Chose: This course is a “parking lot”, in that it will provide you the opportunity to complete the required coursework, which includes SafeSport (US Soccer requirement for 18 or older), Safe & Healthy Playing Environment, and the Grassroots course which includes the Laws of the Game and a Referee Quiz.

Once you have completed the online modules in the Assignment course, please email Sue Walter [email protected], and she will provide you a listing of the Virtual courses. These courses may be held in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, weekdays and weekends, depending upon demand. Courses are scheduled as the Assignment courses demand. Once transferred from the Assignment course to a Virtual course, there is an additional 4 hours of pre-course work which needs to be completed prior to the start of the Virtual course. The Virtual portion of the “New Referee” course is an additional 4 hours, for a total of 8 hours of instruction – all with the intent of making you more knowledgeable and confident when you step on the field. When the games start, indications are that there will be many opportunities for you out on the fields, and will provide you the ability to do as many games as you would like. Once you become a referee, you will need to purchase a referee uniform or uniform kit, possibly your club or district can help you with that, through a grant process. Stefans Soccer is a reliable source for your soccer needs. After you complete the course, and fit yourself into a uniform, you are ready to go out on the fields. Referee game fees vary widely throughout the state, and by age or competition. The table below will provide you with an indication of where most younger referees start:


Do you need to be certified to be a referee?
In Kiel, we require USSF Level 8 certification for all games.

Who can become a referee?
Anyone 13 or older can take the class and become a referee.

How do I become certified?
There are classes held throughout the area being offered every year to train new referee's. Kiel looks to host the training every winter/spring.

How much does it cost to get certified?
Fee's are generally $70-$80 for new referee classes.

Do I have to re-certify?
Yes - Referee's are required to recertify every year.  

Is there a fee for recertification?
Yes - Recertification is $60-$80 annually.
Sign Up at: US Soccer Referee Re-cert Course

Do I need uniforms?
Yes. As a new official, you are required to have a shirt, black shorts, referee socks, shoes/cleats, a timing device and whistle. As you gain experience, additional colored uniforms, cards, and flags will be needed. You can purchase those from many outlets including Not Just Soccer in Sheboygan,, and Scheels.

How do I register?
You begin by creating an account at
There will be a New Referee course offered at Kiel High School Saturday March 28th 8am. Other courses are available at other locations.
Sign Up at: US Soccer New Referee Course

Do you have directions on how to register?
Yes - Click here for directions

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