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Kiel Soccer Board / Coordinator Positions

Board Positions:

President - OPEN

This job includes running the monthly soccer club meeting, making decisions for the good of the club and players along with the other board members. Will need to make sure by-laws are maintained and updated with the help of the entire board. Will need to help prepare and present yearly parent meeting in spring.  May need to step in when issues arise regarding code of conduct issues, attend league meetings.

Vice President - Kristina Graham

This job includes attending monthly board meetings, helping make decisions for the good of the club and players along with the other board members.  Will need to work with the President to make sure by-laws are maintained and updated.  Will need to attend yearly parent meeting in spring.  Will be asked to seek out and implement new opportunities for raising funds to keep registration costs affordable for families, attend league meetings.

Secretary - Leah Langenfeld

This job includes attending monthly board meetings to take minutes and help make decisions along with the rest of the board, keep accurate records of meetings and providing those meeting minutes to the board, sending out email reminders of club events including meetings and openings that need to be filled.  Will be asked to record and update the by-laws to ensure they are properly maintained for current and future board members.

Treasurer - Amy Endries

This position requires attention to detail and accurate record keeping.  Must have ability to work with computers and have accounting knowledge.  Will work with all chair positions and board members on all financial decisions and activity.  Will work with tax accountant to file appropriate papers every year to maintain tax except status, will keep insurance policies updated.  Will develop a budget with the help of board members and chair people, will attend monthly meeting to report and help board make decisions.  

Registrar - Heather Rolkosky and Tina Murkowski

This job includes a great deal of organization and attention to detail, it requires some computer skills to update the registration program and be able to use and understand the data that is collected. This position will need to build teams for the good of the overall program, work with coaches on building teams and rosters, provide coaches rosters with contact information.  This position works with both leagues (EWSL and East Central Soccer) that Kiel Soccer Club plays under, sending a player report to one league and adding players and building teams in the WYSA database.  Position often works with or overlaps with uniform ordering, coaches, scheduling, treasurer.  Will attend monthly club meetings to report to board and ask for help.

Coordinator Positions:

5U/6U Program Coordinator - Jennifer DeTroye

This job runs all aspects of this program as it is run completely on its own under Kiel Soccer Club and doesn't report to a larger league program.  Position will include building of small teams, recruiting parent coaches, recruiting parent helpers for set up on and take down on Saturdays, implementing the weekly program at the field, organizing the uniform order based on team set up, handle all parent communication.  Has access to registration program, will need to work with the equipment, grounds, uniform, sponsorship chair people to coordinate certain information for the good of the program.  Will attend monthly meeting to report and ask for help

Coaching Recruiter/Coordinators – Shane Sitzman, 8U-10U and Chrissy DeBruine,12U-19U
This position requires a strong knowledge of the game and the requirements of the leagues in which Kiel Soccer participates. Role will work with registrar to know understand the number of coaches needed for each season, will need to recruit coaches and guide coaches to get appropriate training for the level they coach. Will communicate with coaches and provide all support needed to help guide them to get what they need to coach.  Will attend monthly board meetings to stay aware of changes and decisions. 

Building and Grounds Coordinator - Eric Muehlbauer
This position requires individual to make sure the building and grounds are maintained properly.  Opening and closing of the building and fields each spring and fall: putting up and taking down of nets on goals, setting the initial lines on all fields, contacting plumber, septic system service to ready the building for use and for closing, other related duties to the upkeep of building and grounds. Make repairs to fields and coordinate this with field scheduler.  Coordination of lawn mowing, field lining, restroom cleaning, garbage removal with volunteers and paid service.  Attend monthly soccer club meeting to report to board and get approval for needed expenses.  There are folks who work under this position:  Pat Langenfeld does the majority of the field lining.  

Referee Coordinator - Joe Muehlbauer

Equipment Coordinator - Kristina Graham

This position requires individual to make sure all the equipment needed by teams is maintained, collected and distributed to coaches for players use for each season.  Individual will keep a record of what equipment is given out to each coach insuring that it is returned at the end of the season.  Individual will make decisions on when equipment needs to be repaired or replaced, will sort equipment for size and condition.  This position will require a bit of extra prep work before spring season and a bit of extra work post fall season.  Attend monthly soccer club meeting to report to board and get approval for needed expenses.

Concession Stand Coordinator - Megan Weber
This position requires individual to stock the concession stand with product available for selling from the beginning of April through the end of October.  The coordinator will work with a mass group of volunteers to cover all shifts needed, will keep track of cost and profit of items sold, will keep receipts for all items purchased and give to treasurer. Coordinator will take inventory immediately before and after every tournament, in order to bill the appropriate group for product used.  Individual will post duties for opening and closing of stand for reference by volunteers, will make sure everything in the food area of the concession stand is clean and maintained properly.  Will attend the monthly soccer club meeting to report to board and get approval for expenses above food purchases.

Brat Fry Coordinators - Pat and Leah Langenfeld

Fundraiser Coordinators - 
Rachel Heeler

Game/Field Scheduler - Tina Murkowski 

Uniforms - Tina Murkowski

Sponsorships Coordinator - Leah Langenfeld

U8 Tournament Coordinator- Open

Tournament Coordinator- Joe Muehlbauer
This position will work with a group of volunteers to coordinate all aspects of running the Kiel Soccer Club Tournament. Attend monthly soccer club meeting to report on progress and get approval of expenses.

Car Show Concession Coordinator - Andy Hamman

Fan Wear Apparel Coordinator - Karen Weiler 

Team Picture Coordinator - Karen Weiler

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