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Scrip Program

What is scrip?

Scrip is a rebate program that exists to support non-profit organizations as a form of passive fundraising.
The basics are as follows:
    - Participants buy retail gift cards for various national retail stores through the BSC scrip program
       at face value.
    - BSC buys the gift cards at a percentage less than face value.
    - The difference between face value and what BSC pays = the organization’s earnings.
    - These earnings may be used to lower BSC membership fees, pay for BSC camps, or they may be
      donated to BSC. 

Who can participate in the scrip program?

BSC offers the scrip program to families of the competitive soccer program only.  Scrip funds may not be used for Recreational program fees.

How do I enroll in the BSC scrip program?

Instructions on how to enroll for the Great Lakes scrip program can be found here.  If you have enrollment questions, you may contact the Broomfield Soccer Club scrip volunteer coordinator, at [email protected].  Upon enrollment, BSC requires that each scrip account or card issued have a completed Scrip Program Agreement (found here).  Filled out copies may be dropped off at the BSC club office or submitted via email to Paul DeFelice at [email protected]. Failure to submit this document will result in exclusion from the scrip program.  

How will scrip funds be applied?

Once a month, BSC will receive a summary report of each member’s scrip activity.  Upon receiving the report, BSC will credit each member account for the corresponding amount (ie lower the monthly payment due).  We ask that all families participating in the scrip program sign up for the payment plan option (as opposed to paying all player fees up front) in order to facilitate monthly scrip activity.  These funds may not be used to purchase uniforms through, as they are a separate entity and not a part of BSC.

What can't scrip be applied to?

Because the primary function of scrip programs is to act as a fundraising mechanism to support non-profits, there are guidelines as to what the scrip rebates can be applied to.  In general, the funds must be used within the non-profit (i.e. things like player dues) and may not be used for just any "soccer related expense" (like cleats or airfare for travel).

What percentage of scrip funds will BSC take?

BSC will not take any portion of scrip funds earned by participants unless specified otherwise on the Scrip Program Agreement that each participant fills out.  Please note that amounts credited towards player fees are not tax deductible whereas amounts donated to the club are considered charitable contributions and may be tax deductible.

What happens to the scrip program in months after the payment plan?

After a member’s payment plan finishes for the year, there may be months where scrip accumulates while there will be no corresponding player fees from BSC to reduce.  BSC will keep a record of these accumulating funds during this time and apply them to player fees for the ensuing season. 

What if I have accumulated scrip funds but am no longer with the club?

If, for any reason, you leave Broomfield Soccer Club and there are unallocated accumulated scrip funds, they shall transfer to the Broomfield Soccer Club scholarship fund.  Per the rules and regulations surrounding federal compliance for non-profits, these funds will not be released to individuals or transferred to other organizations.

Further questions?

For specific scrip program related questions (like the process to enroll, or how it works), please contact the Broomfield Soccer Club scrip volunteer coordinator at [email protected]. For all other questions, please email Paul DeFelice at [email protected].


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