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Broomfield Shootout Rules

The Broomfield Shootout Soccer Tournament is being conducted in accordance with established tournament procedures and current 2020/2021 IFAB Laws of the Game, except as tailored to suit the unique circumstances of the Broomfield Shootout. The following guidelines and rules may be unique to this particular tournament.


1. ELIGIBILITY:  It is the responsibility of the registering team to make sure that they are registered in the correct age group.  When registering your team, be sure to register for the correct birth year group (shown in parentheses when registering, i.e. 2004, etc.).  On August 1st, our system will automatically adjust your "U" age group to the one in which you'll be participating in during the 2020 Broomfield Shootout and Fall 2020 season.  For example, the 2003 age group for the 2019/2020 season is considered U17, and in the 2020/2021 season will be U18.  When you initially register, you would register them as U17 (2003), and on August 1st they would automatically change to U18 (2003).  As long as the calendar year age group is correct, in this case 2003, all should be well.  If it is discovered after the final schedule is published that your team is in the incorrect age group, all games will be forfeited, no refund will be available.  If you discover that you are registered in the wrong age bracket or gender, please send an e-mail to [email protected] IMMEDIATELY.


2. MANDATORY TEAM CHECK-IN: 2020 fall rosters and player passes must be provided at tournament check-in.  Teams must be duly registered with their respective state associations.  See our check in page for additional details on what to send or bring.

Every team will be required to play their first game on Thursday OR Friday. Failure to check-in prior to the commencement of the first game will result in disqualification including forfeiture of fees. Games not played will be classified as "forfeits." In the event an ineligible player has participated in the tournament, the team will forfeit all games.

Teams may include up to 4 guest players. Guest players must be registered by tournament officials at time of check-in. No players may be added after the first game has been played - NO EXCEPTIONS. Players may participate on one team only during the entire tournament.

Developmental U9 and U10 rosters, including guests, may not exceed 14 players.

Competitive U11+ tournament rosters, including guests, may not exceed 18 players for U11 through U14, 20 players for U15 through U16, and 22 players for U17 through U19.

Teams from outside US Youth Soccer - Region IV must have approved travel papers from their state association or they will not be permitted to participate.


3. PLAYER PASSES: Each player U11+ is required to have a player pass, which must be laminated and include a current picture, name and birth date. The ONLY passes allowed are regular USYS, US Club Soccer, or AYSO passes for the 2020/2021 season. Passes for the prior season will not be accepted. Under no circumstances will Driver Licenses, Student ID Cards or Military IDs be accepted in the place of a player pass.  U9-U10 developmental teams must have rosters with pictures in lieu of player passes, or rosters AND player passes, per CSA rules.


4. PLAYER EQUIPMENT: The Broomfield Shootout follows IFAB Laws of the Game regarding equipment and uniforms.  For the 2020 Broomfield Shootout, we anticipate that many clubs/teams may not be able to get their uniforms in time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  For this year only, we will accept the alternative of same colored shirt and shorts as the rest of the team, with a unique number on the back of the shirt.  If the number does not match what is printed on the roster, you must bring it to the attention of the center referee prior to kickoff. 


5. GAME TIME: Each player and coach must be at the assigned playing field 30 minutes prior to the scheduled game time and available to be checked-in by game officials. During this time, players' equipment and picture player passes will be checked and verified.


·         If a team is missing a player pass (or passes), that team will have until half time of the current match to present a missing pass to the referee. If the pass (or passes) are not presented by half time, the team missing a player pass (or passes) must forfeit.


·         If a team is missing an individual player pass at check-in, but the rest of the team has player passes, the individual missing the player pass may play, or may go to the sideline opposite the team bench with the parents.  If the individual does play, and the team is unable to present that player's player pass by half time, the team with the player in question will forfeit.


·         Referees are instructed to begin playing time within 5 minutes of the scheduled time. If a team is not on the field, ready to play, within 5 minutes of the scheduled game time, that team will forfeit the match.  Final decision on forfeitures will be made by the tournament director.

6. HOME TEAM: The home team: (a) is the FIRST team listed on the schedule; (b) will have their choice of bench area (when field conditions permit, both teams are to be on the same touchline with all parents and supporters on the opposite side of the field, 5 yards from the touch line); (c) wear the colored or dark uniform; and (d) provide the game balls. The away team will wear white, or change their jersey color in the event of a conflict.



Age Group

Ball Size

Match Duration*

15U-19U Girls


2 X 35 min halves

13U-14U Boys & Girls


2 x 30 min halves

11U-12U Boys & Girls


2 x 25 min halves

9U-10U Boys & Girls


2 x 20 min halves


* Match Duration may be decreased to accommodate available playing fields, late starts, and weather conditions. In the event of weather delays, games are considered final if they have reached half time. The tournament director’s decision on all timing matters is final, no appeals will be entertained.

During pool play, regardless of game start time, referees have been instructed to limit playing time, so the games finish on time. Half time will be 5 minutes.


8. SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitution rules for the Broomfield Shootout follow Colorado Soccer Association's rules on substitutions.


9. COMPETITION: At the end of the pool play matches, teams with the greatest number of points in each flight will be eligible for Championship play. Standings for qualifying will be determined by the following point system:


         Win - 3 points

         Tie - 1 points

         Forfeit - a total of 3 points to the non-forfeiting team (NOTE: The match considered a 4-0 win)

         Loss - 0 points


There will be no extra time periods during any games in the tournament. In the event of ties in the standings after the qualifying matches, the ties will be broken as follows:


         head to head record

         goal differential (maximum 4 goal differential per game)

         fewest goals against (no maximums)

         most goals for (no maximums)

         most shutouts

         drawing of lots

10. OVERTIME AND SHOOTOUT: In the event that a semi-final or final game has ended in a tie, the match will be decided by the "taking of kicks from the penalty mark." The PK shootout will follow current RULES FOR KICKS FROM THE PENALTY MARK. There will be no extra time periods during any games in the tournament.


11. MISCONDUCT: The penalty for a player or coach who is "sent off the field of play" will be at least a one-game suspension, and will be enforced by the referees and assignors. Tournament officials will not hesitate to eject from the tournament, any team, player or team representative for gross misconduct. An expulsion may extend to future Broomfield Shootout tournaments. Inappropriate behavior by coaches, parents, and/or team supporters will result in those individuals being required to leave the vicinity of the playing field before play will continue. The referee tents and headquarters will be OFF LIMITS to all coaches, players and spectators unless accompanied by the tournament director or authorized designee. Anyone entering the referee tent unaccompanied may be banned from their next game.


12. COACHES: Each team must have a non-playing adult designated as its coach at each game. If the regular coach is not available for a game or has been sent off, another adult must fill the role of coach. ALL coaches and assistant coaches must have a coach's pass. Coaches must conduct themselves in a responsible manner. At all times, they will promote the Laws of the Game, encouraging clean competition and sportsmanship, and abide by the rules of the Broomfield Shootout tournament. Coaches are limited to positive coaching from within the coach's box. Negative comments will not be tolerated! Coaches will be responsible for the behavior of their team's spectators. 


13. PROTESTS: Protests regarding games or their outcome will not be entertained. Questions of eligibility must be addressed with the site managers and/or tournament staff.


14. TOURNAMENT OFFICIALS: Tournament officials reserve the right to change tournament rules to accommodate unforeseen circumstances and to benefit the players.


15. BLOOD-BORNE PATHOGEN PROCEDURES: The following procedures will be followed to minimize the risk of infection by blood-borne diseases. Any player or official who is bleeding must leave the field of play immediately to receive medical treatment and may not return until the situation is corrected to the satisfaction of the referee as follows: a) the bleeding is stopped, b) the blood has been removed from the skin surface, c) the contaminated skin has been disinfected and d) the wound is covered. If there is blood on the uniform, it must be replaced.


16. LIGHTNING SAFETY: In order to provide for the safety of players and spectators please follow these rules.

         If the lightning warning horn is sounded, play must be stopped and referees shall clear the fields immediately. You must seek shelter in a hard-topped car with the windows rolled up. Picnic shelters, in the shade of large trees, inside pop-up tents or other partially open structures are NOT safe.

         Referees may suspend play and clear the fields due to lightning.  However, the decision to cancel games in progress and/or games after adverse weather has moved into the area rests solely with the Tournament Director.  DO NOT LEAVE THE FIELD COMPLEX until definitive word has been given by a tournament official.

         Resumption of games will be communicated by tournament directors to onsite tournament officials.  Do not resume play until official word has been received.

         Do not return to the fields until 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard OR the horn is sounded to return to the fields. Follow our facebook and/or Twitter pages for more information on delays.  Facebook and Twitter updated first, and are the quickest way to get up to date info.


         If no games are able to be played, a partial refund will be provided to each team.  Full refunds are not possible due to the expenses of the tournament which must be paid prior to the first games.

         If a game has not reached half time, and a weather delay occurs, if possible, the match will be resumed at the point where it was suspended (i.e. with the same amount of time remaining in the first half and the same score).  Games may be considered final depending on time constraints.  Determination will be made by the tournament officials.

         During pool play, games that have reached half time, and that are subsequently delayed for any reason, shall be considered final.  For all finals, all attempts will be made to resume play, however, depending on the length of the delay, games that have reached half time may be called complete by the tournament committee in order to complete all games scheduled. 

         In the event of darkness following a weather delay, or to accommodate all remaining games on the schedule for the day, tournament officials will determine which matches can be resumed at a later time and which will be decided based on match progress up to the point of the weather delay.

         If playoff and/or championship round games are lost due to rain, no refund will be available, and final standings will be determined by accumulated points during round robin pool play and completed playoff round games.  Tiebreakers will be used in this situation.

         No refunds will be available for any other reasons for cancellation, including, but not limited to lightning storms, drought and flooding.  All attempts will be made to reschedule games canceled for any reason by the tournament committee.  All teams will be scheduled for four games, but not refunds will be considered unless a team is able to play less than three games.  All decisions made by the tournament committee on cancellations and reschedules are final, no appeals will be entertained.  

18. GAME CARDS: It is the responsibility of the referee to collect the game card and take it to the Field Marshal at the field.


19. TOURNAMENT ENTRY FEE: The tournament entry fee is $745 per team playing U13-U19, $545 per team playing U11-U12, and $395 for teams playing U9-U10.



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