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Administrative Jobs

Want to support the Region but have a busy schedule? These jobs may be just right for you! Remember that all AYSO volunteers are expected to provide about 16 hours of time for each soccer season.

Many of the volunteer jobs require you to be on a schedule. For example, anything to do with the games would need you to be available at game times. Or anything to do with fields may require you to be at the fields at certain times.

However, there are a number of jobs that, while they do have a deadline, are pretty much administrative jobs that can be done on your schedule. Maybe it works for you to have a few minutes of spare time in the morning. Or maybe in the evenings after the kids are in bed. What ever the case may be, these jobs can be done almost any time as long as you have some basic organization skills and are comfortable working on the computer.

If putting in a few hours on your own schedule appeals to you, consider these jobs:


The regional scorekeeper is responsible for tracking win/loss records and points scored. They collect the game cards and use them to cross check scores entered by the referees. The also work with the Webmaster to publish division standings on the Website.

CVPA Worker

This person will work with the CVPA Board Member and support the child and volunteer protection program in the region. They must take the CVPA training to learn how to  collect and follow up with volunteer checks with the AYSO National office. They help to promote the region's standards of behavior and conduct as laid out in the child and volunteer protection policies, procedures and guidelines of AYSO Safe Haven program.

Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator works alongside both the CVPA and the Registrar. The volunteer coordinator tracks all of the volunteers in terms of their assignments and follows up with volunteers to make sure that they are accountable for their volunteer commitment.

RCA Admin Assistant

The Coach Adminstrative Assistant is responsible to the RCA and helps him/her to work with the Assistant RCA’s and Division Managers. They manage communications to coaches and support the RCA on Team Assignment Night. They ensure that coaches are informed about AYSO and regional procedures. They also ensure that coaches are certified for their level of coaching, informed about coach training clinics, and work with the coaches to assign practice times and locations in concert with the overall program

Website Administration

The Webmaster is responsible for information on the Saratoga AYSO Website This includes working with the Board to get league information published to the AYSO community. The Webmaster should be knowledgeable in Web technology and attends board meetings to recommend changes to the Web or its underlying technology.

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