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Referee Administration Jobs


The Regional Referee Administrator is responsible for the health of the Region's Referee program.  They are responsible for recruiting, training, assessing, advancing, and assigning referees. The RRA works with the various Referee Directors and Managers to run an efficient referee organization, ensuring that:
  1. All games are SAFE, FAIR, and FUN for the players
  2. Referees work with Coaches and parents as a part of the AYSO TEAM
  3. Support the Referees in advancing their game skills and badge levels

Suggested Training: Referee Administrator Training, Introductory Management

Director Referee Instruction

The Director of Referee Instruction is responsible for the initial and recurring training of the region's referees.  They will invite senior referees to participate actively in trainings both in-class and on-field.

Suggested Training: Basic Referee Instructor, Advanced Referee Instructor

Director Youth Referees

The  Director of Youth Referee Program is responsible for directing the Youth Referee organization, including: recruiting, training, mentoring, scheduling and co-ordinating Youth Referees. The  Director of Youth Referee Program assesses the uniform and equipment needs of Youth Referees and ensures that these are met.

Suggested Training: Referee Administrator Training

Director of Assessment

The Director of Assessment manages the trained Referee Assessors in the region to arrange for observations for Region 27 referees needing Intermediate game observations.  They also coordinate with the Area Director of Assessment to ensure assessors are assigned for Advanced and National badge assessments.

Suggested Training:  Referee Assessor, National Referee Assessor

Referee Communications Manager

The Referee Communications Manager maintains the contact list for all volunteers currently registered as Referees (parent referees, youth referees, and alumni referees).   If a parent referee is not meeting minimum volunteer hour goals, the RCM contacts them to understand their situation and remind them that the players depend on volunteers.  The RCM may also contact referees to announce various special events such as referee picnics, coach/referee meetings, etc.

Suggested Training:  30 minute briefing with RRA prior to beginning of season

Referee Advancement Manager

The Referee Advancement Manager works to ensure that all referees are advancing their badge levels as appropriate for their experience and skill level.  They coordinate with other senior RRA management to keep make sure arbiter ratings are up-to-date, and that referees are encouraged to take the step to next-age-level games when appropriate.  They inform referees who are ready for next-badge levels of upcoming courses.  They present an advancement plan to the RRA staff at the beginning and end of the season.  They also ensure that Referees are recognized as follows:
  • Give flag set to referee when he referees first U10 CR
  • Give leather ref wallet to referee when she referees first U12 CR
  • Give USSF Ref shirt of ref's choice when he achieves Intermediate, Advanced, or National badge
Suggested Training:  Advanced or National Badge

Referee Clinic Manager

The Referee Clinic Manager works with other RRA Staff to ensure that the League holds a
Referee "Clinic" game every 2 weeks.  At the beginning of the season, games are selected and arbiter is edited to have the appropriate number of slots.  At least two weeks prior to each Clinic game, the RCM works with the RAM and other RRA Staff to identify which referees should participate in the Clinic and assigns them to do so.    The RCM also ensures that appropriate senior referees are recruited and asssigned as mentors.

The "Clinic" game will consist of a First Half ref team (CR, AR1, AR2) and a 2nd Half Ref team (CR, AR1, AR2) and 3 mentors (CR, AR1, AR2).  During 1st half, the 2nd half team discusses play with their associated mentor.  During 2nd half, the 1st half team discusses play with their associated mentor.  In both cases, they watch their counterparts.  Mentors will provide positive feedback and up to 3 main ideas for improvement.  Arbiter will be adjusted so that there are slots for all these positions, and we will assign the participants each week.

Suggested Training:  Intermediate or Advanced Badge

Referee Web Manager

The Referee Web Manager maintains Region 27's Referee of the Week, and Seasonal Referee Status pages on the R27 website.

The Referee of the Week  is chosen on Sunday based on votes from fellow referees and coaches for the game(s) prior to that Sunday.
The Seasonal Referee List of Referees shows all Referees (Parent, Youth, Alumni) on one web page, by decreasing order of # of games refereed in current season.  The list includes:  Name, Badge Level, + Mentor if true
Suggested Training:  1 hour with RRA prior to start of season


The regional scorekeeper is responsible for tracking win/loss records and points scored, regularly distributing this information to the coach email list, and posting the information to the Region’s web page. The scorekeeper collects win/loss information from the online arbiter system where referees record them each weekend.  If scores are missing, the Scorekeeper contacts the responsible referee to determine the score.

Suggested Training:  30 minutes briefing with RRA prior to beginning of season
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