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It’s unlikely a coach will sign you without seeing you play. Unless they desperately need numbers due to an admissions quota AND have no other options (if both are true, this is probably not the school you want to attend!) or they completely trust a person who has given them an outstanding reference for you, they will need to see you play. Many smaller colleges simply do not have the recruiting budget to fly across the country to numerous tournaments, so it is imperative to get some video of yourself playing.

There are many companies that will assist you with this process: from helping you get your information out, to filming and editing specific games for you and sending it to coaches on your behalf, and everything in between. These different services can range in price, but in general, expect to pay into the thousands of dollars. If you believe you have a good chance of winning an athletic scholarship, it may be an investment worth making.

Alternatively, chances are you or someone you know is good at editing video. You can have parents or friends record some games and go from there. You will want footage from as many games as possible so there are enough clips showing you in action. Be sure you edit to only include the very best highlights of yourself - do not be modest!

Once you have all your best highlights together, make a single film no more than five minutes long.  Put the clips together with the best snippet first. If a college coach has 100 players to evaluate, they will not watch 100 videos for 20 minutes each; they will watch the first highlight and decide from there whether it is worth watching more. You do not need a long introduction with all your stats, personal info, music playing in the background and so forth. “Production Value” does not count for much. The coach can get all the information they need from your profile; when they sit down to watch you play, that is really all they want to see.

Lastly, instead of spending the money sending a DVD, simply set up a YouTube account, add your footage and include the link to your YouTube video in your Player Profile.

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