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Savannah United Coaching Resources

Savannah United is committed to educating our coaches. We offer free coaching clinics throughout the year as well as licensing classes. Please contact us at 912-691-2472 for more information on upcoming courses and classes.

General Resources
Principles of Possession Soccer
Team Shape: Goalkeeper
Team Shape: Width
Team Shape: Length

Savannah United Practice Plans
Attacking in the Final Third

Building Out of the Back
Defensive Principles: 1st Defender
Shooting & Combination Play

Fundamental Technical Abilities
at the academy age levels
Dribbling: session 1 & 2
--> Keep ball close to feet
-->Ability to quickly change direction when running with ball
-->Awareness of defender and protecting the ball with body
-->Don't get too close to defender, risk of losing ball increases
-->Time the feint accordingly
-->Acceleration after any action, so that you can get away from opposition

Passing: session 1
-->Peak over shoulder for spatial awareness
-->Look for opportunities to play "killer" passes
-->Correct weight of pass is KEY
-->Play simple and play with inside of foot
-->Read body language of player receiving ball
-->Play ball on the ground and make sure its not "bouncing"
-->Use variety of short,medium,long passes

Receiving and Ball Control: session 1 ; session 2
-->Cushion the ball(Take pace off the ball with touch)
-->Put your first touch where you want it next
-->Take the ball at the correct angle so that you are facing in the direction you want to go next or attack
-->Use your body to shield the ball from your opponent when receiving a pass

Shooting: session 1, crossing/finishing 1, scoring session
-->Move ball away from defender to create space and angle
-->Look at position of Goalkeeper and where the goal is
-->Know your shooting distances and what part of foot to use:
* 18+ yards out = laces
* Inside box or 12 yards or less out = place into corners with inside

-->While ball is traveling look at a position where you can aim the header on target
-->Know the different angles to head a ball and what each one represents


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