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Club SyrV - Live to Serve. Love to SyrV.

Club SyrV - Live to Serve. Love to SyrV.

2019 Commitment Policy to Participate


To be eligible for participation in Club SyrV programs prospective players, their parents or legal guardians, coaching staff and volunteers are required to agree to the Commitment Policy as explained below.

Time Commitment:
Training/Tournaments:  Players must commit to and use their best efforts to attend any and all practices and tournaments as scheduled by individual teams and to follow and agree to obey the coaches’ instructions regarding playing techniques, training and other team rules.  Should any player be unable to attend a scheduled practice or tournament, the player or his/her parent/guardian is responsible for providing timely notice to the appropriate coaching staff member.  
Attendance at Team and Club Events:  All players and their appropriate family members must commit to and use their best efforts to attend all team meetings and club events.  Should any person be unable to attend any team meeting or club event, that person is solely responsible for obtaining any material or information presented at and complying with any procedures or policies announced at that meeting or event. 

Financial Commitment: Each player and his/her parent or legal guardian must commit to and pay the full tuition, either in full at time of registration or in payments.  This full tuition estimate and payments are identified on the payment page for this registration.  In addition, players and his/her parents are also responsible for any and all travel related expenses to all training sessions, team events and tournaments.  You will be required to make an initial payment as identified at the end of this registration.  Payment of the initial payment confirms your agreement to this Commitment Policy.  This initial tuition payment will be credited towards your obligation to pay the final full tuition amount. Because the team budgets rely solely on the financial commitments of its players, the Club will not refund any tuition monies or nullify any financial commitment unless good and sufficient cause is shown to the sole satisfaction of the Board of Directors of the Club.  Any requests for refund or nullification of a financial commitment are to be made in writing with a statement of the refund amount requested and a brief statement of the circumstances necessitating a refund and are to be sent to Club Director, Kathy Patton Gedney.

 Medical/Legal Release: Participation in any sport or sport related activity could be a dangerous activity involving risks of injury, including significant impairment of long-term health and well-being, serious injury to virtually any part of the mind and body, and even worse.  Each player and his/her parent or legal guardian therefore must confirm that the player is in good health and physically able to train and play in the Club's games and tournaments and further has no medical conditions or physical limitations that would prevent him/her from fully participating in the activities of the Club.  Each player and his/her parent or legal guardian also must immediately notify both the Club and the respective coaching staff of any conditions developing during the season that may prevent the player from continuing to participate fully in the activities of the Club.  Each player and his/her parent or legal guardian must also waive any and all claims against the Club, its directors, officers, employees, coaching staff and volunteers by reason of any physical, mental or emotional injuries or otherwise alleged to have been caused by participation in any activities of the Club. As the parent / legal guardian of the registered player, I request that in my absence the registered player be admitted to any hospital or medical facility for diagnosis and treatment. I request and authorize physicians, dentists, and staff, duly licensed as Doctors of Medicine or Doctors of Dentistry or other such licensed technicians or nurses, to perform any diagnostic procedures, treatment procedures, operative procedures and x-ray treatment of the above minor. I have not been given a guarantee as to the results of examination or treatment. I accept full financial responsibility for any such treatment. I also give permission for any transportation required to a medical facility and assume full financial responsibility for said transportation. 

AGREEMENT: By either making the first payment, or payment in full for registration, I confirm that I have read and understand the Commitment Policy, and I confirm that I or any players for whom I am a parent or legal guardian am/are in good health and physically able to train and play in the Club games and tournaments with no medical conditions or physical limitations preventing full participation.  In addition, I also agree on behalf of myself, any players for whom I am a parent or legal guardian, and my and their heirs and assigns: (1)   To use best efforts to attend and participate in all activities of the Club as are requested of me; (2)   If a parent or legal guardian, to assure that those players for whom I am responsible will attend and participate in all activities of the Club as are requested of them; (3)   To timely pay to the Club, LLC. the full tuition and expenses as are required of me; and (4)   To immediately notify both the Club and the respective coaching staff of any conditions developing during the season that may prevent continuing participation fully in the activities of the Club. To hold the Club, its directors, officers, employees, coaching staff and volunteers harmless from any and all liability, claims and demands of every kind that may arise by or in connection with participation in any activities of the Club.   


College Recruiting Series

College Recruiting Series #7: How to find the best NCAA division level for you

October 18th, 2017|Uncategorized

If you’re struggling to start your college search process, you’re not alone! With some 5,300 colleges and universities across the United States, creating your list of top schools requires filtering through thousands of different institutions. To help you better understand your options, we’ve put together some guidelines about what makes each NCAA division level unique.College Recruiting Series #7: How to find the best NCAA division level for you
As you’re considering which division level is right for you, keep an open mind. Many athletes will only look at DI schools, turning down opportunities at a DII or DIII institution. Oftentimes, these athletes will miss their chance to compete in college athletics because they focused on schools that weren’t the right fit.

Instead, determine what you want out of your college experience, assess your athletic talent and go from there. Many athletes who have the talent to compete at a Division I school, opt to play DIII because they prefer a smaller campus and a balance between athletics, academics and other extracurricular activities. There are pros and cons to every NCAA division level, and it’s up to you to be honest with yourself about what would be your best fit.

NCSA is here to help you to find the best fit school.

NCAA Division I: Welcome to the big time

If you’ve ever watched March Madness or the College World Series, you’re well aware of the high-level of athletic competition at the NCAA Division I level. DI schools have the largest student bodies and athletic budgets. Here are some quick facts about the DI level according to the NCAA:

  • There are 347 D1 schools, which account for 32% of all NCAA institutions
  • Approximately 1 in 25 students at DI schools are athletes
  • About 56% of athletes receive athletic-based financial aid
  • The NCAA Division I level manages the largest athletic budgets

DI schools are known for their intense athletic schedules. Former DI basketball player at Georgetown University Kristin Heidloff explains that she had the opportunity to face the toughest competition, but there were some surprises along the way. “I don’t think anything can actually prepare you for being a Division I athlete. It truly is a full-time job and more when you factor in school, practice, training room, study hall, meetings, film sessions, etc. Also, the level of competition, even in practice, at the DI level is something that you can’t replicate in high school. Even if you are on a really great club team with multiple DI players, it can’t compare with the level in college when athletes are older, stronger, and more experienced.”

Division II: The best of both worlds

DII athletes tend to have a better balance between athletics and academics. These schools are usually smaller than DI institutions with more intimate class sizes. Here’s are some key facts about the DII level:

  • There are 309 DII schools, comprising 28% of all NCAA institutions
  • About 1 in 11 students on campus are athletes
  • Approximately 60% of athletes receive some athletic-based aid
  • DII has the highest championship access ratio in the NCAA, with about one championship opportunity per every seven athletes

While DII schools have a high-level of athletic competition, athletes tend to have more time outside of their sport. Because DII athletic departments less money, on average, than DI schools, athletes do less national travelling, adding more time back in their schedules. Athletes’ practice schedules don’t take up as much of the year, and there is more time before and after the season to catch up on other extracurricular activities and schoolwork. If you prefer a smaller campus and a better shot at playing your sport all four years of college, DII might be best for you.

Division III: A well-rounded college experience

Division III schools emphasize the importance of student-athletes having a well-rounded college experience. DIII institutions do not offer athletic-based scholarships; however, most of their athletes do receive some kind of financial aid, whether merit-based, academic-based or both. Here are some top facts about the NCAA Division III level:

  • This is the largest division, with 442 schools, representing 40% of all NCAA institutions
  • Approximately 1 in 6 students are athletes
  • About 80% of athletes receive some kind of financial aid
  • Division III has the highest athlete graduation rate at 87%

DIII athletes usually have the freedom to explore collegiate life outside of athletics, while still competing against elite competition. Many athletes are under the misconception that the DIII level doesn’t have top athletes, but that’s simply not true. Highly recruited athletes will opt to play at the DIII level because they want smaller class sizes, a more intimate campus and more freedom to experience college life. Division III schools are a great place for athletes who want to keep competing in their sport, while still trying out other aspects of campus life.

To help you find your best division level, there are two key next steps you can take. First, ask your coach or a trusted recruiting expert to evaluate what level you’re best suited for based on your athletic talent. Then, start visiting college campuses! By experiencing schools in person, you’ll get a better feel for your best fit.

Get evaluated today to find the best division level for you by NCSA!

Club SyrV Travel Policy



  • Players and/or their parent/guardians are responsible for making all arrangements for travel.  It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to ensure the person transporting the minor player maintains the proper safety and legal requirements, including but not limited to:  a valid driver's license, automobile liability insurance, a vehicle in safe working order, and compliance with applicable state laws.           
  •  The employees, coaches and/or volunteers of Club SyrV or one of its teams, who are not also acting as a parent, shall not drive alone with an unrelated minor player.
  •  Regardless of gender, a coach shall not share a hotel room or other sleeping arrangements with a minor player unless the coach is the parent, guardian or sibling of the player. 
  • At no time will only one adult be present in a room with minor players, regardless of gender.
  • Individual meetings between a coach and a player may not occur in hotel sleeping rooms and must be held in public settings or with additional adults present, with at least one of those adults being the same gender as the player. 
  • No coach or chaperone shall at any time be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while performing their coaching and/or chaperoning duties. 
  •  Club SyrV coaches and staff shall not consume alcoholic beverages while at a team dinner or event.
  • Club SyrV coaches are ONLY responsible for the players at the tournament site, during court play, and at specifically designated team events.  Parents/guardians are directly responsible for players at all other times.    
  • At times it will be necessary for an entire team to stay at the same hotel due to a "Stay and Play" event.  In this instance, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to adhere to all guidelines to reserve their room at the designated property
  •  All players are expected to remain at the tournament site until all play and/or work team duties for the team are completed.
  •  All Club SyrV coaches, staff, players and parent/guardians are expected to use appropriate behavior in all public facilities, including language.
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