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LK Davidson Sculling

Our Fleet


The LK Davidson Sculling Co-op fleet
is located on racks at the Lake Davidson Nature Preserve
(800 block of Jetton St, Davidson) and Corvid Technology (153 Langtree Campus Drive, Mooresville).  Our fleet includes:  

The Carla Jenkins Edon TS515 sculling boat is named in honor of LKNIR Co-founder Carla Jenkins.  This light, fast and easy to row shell is made of tough polyethylene -- ideal for the Nature Preserve racks.  Removable pontoons are available to keep it even more stable for learning or when rowing in cold weather. 

The Coach Steve Schreiner Little River Marine Pro Am Elite
a new breed of advanced crossover rowing craft. The Carbon Fiber shell combines the world of an extremely fast open water shell with the world of a forgiving flat water shell with a bit more stability. The racy lines and high-tech components allow rowers to advance their skills far beyond those achieved in traditional open water designs, and can generate speeds found in competitive sculls without sacrificing ruggedness and stability.

The Community School of Davidson Maas Carbon 24this shell was designed to be the fastest boat a sculler could row in open water. On LK Davidson's flat water, it offers advanced recreational scullers an exciting and challenging next step.In all water conditions the Maas 24 provides immediate response to changes in technique. It rewards proficiency with exhilarating performance and for many of us, that is what sculling is all about.

The Gordon Smith 2.0 Levator Custom Racing Shell
The Gordon Smith 2.0 Levator racing shell rewards you for working to improve your balance and stability in our recreational shells.  This boat was custom built for Gordon Smith, one of our founding co-op members, who generously donated to the club.  It is light weight, fast and rows beautifully.  Ideally suited for 185lb + rowers, but with extra work on balance, can be rowed by lighter weight rowers too.  


Nevertheless, They Persisted
our Swift Club A double racing scull (2x) affords newer rowers the opportunity to improve their technique by rowing with more experienced scullers and experienced rowers the opportunity to push themselves in training and compete in regattas with a partner.


Peinert 26
   We have two Peinert 26 rowing shells, the Davidson Land Conservancy/Parks & Recreation green Peinert and another one in red.  The Peinert 26 brings elite performance and weight to a durable, affordable shell. True monocoque construction provides superior bow to stern stiffness for racing. Careful placement of the seat and foot stretchers lowers the rower's center of gravity to make this a fast hull that is never-the-less comfortable and easy to balance. Its durable 40% Kevlar / 60% carbon construction allows you to shrug off the occasional collisions with under water hazards. Ideal for rowers 150 to 210 pounds. Easy to launch as rigged boat weighs only 33 lbs.

The Chris & Lou Berl Periwinkle Peinert 25 is similar to the Green Peinert 26 but is ideal for rowers 110-160 lbs. 


2014 Wintech Junior Racer fibreglass training single scull featurign a durable gel-coated fibreglass hull, hard-coated aluminium stern-mounted wing riggers and a 3-chamber closed-hull construction. Designed for rowers weighing 110 - 165 lbs. This boat is currently stored at the Woods@LK Davidson rack. Please reach out to a resident (Eileen or Barbara) to gain access to the boat.  

Vespoli Quad (4x)
this racing shell will allow LKDS to provide the camaraderie of big boat rowing and allow us to provide more learn-to-scull events and offer youth rowing once Covid-19 is under control. 


2 sets of Concept2 Bantam with contoured orange rubber grips
1 set of Concept2 Low i with Fat2 blade and contoured orange rubber grips
1 set of Concept2 Ultralight w/Smoothie blade and contoured orange rubber grips
3 sets of Dreissigacker with hatchet blades
1 set of Braca with hatchet blades
1 set of Dreher with hatchet blades

Want to spend time on the water with a non-rowing member of your family or need their help launching? Invite them to use our kayak or our two paddle boards. 

Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT Kayak and paddle. 
kayak while you row. 

Co-op Membership Options

Monthly Trial Sculling Co-op Membership

TRIAL MONTHLY CO-OP MEMBERSHIP: New scullers are eligible for a monthly co-op membership at a cost of $55 per month. Cost includes one complementary group lesson.  Additional lessons are available for a $35 donation. Coaches will determine when new rowers have demonstrated competency to take out boats without supervision. 

First Month Trial Sculling Co-op Membership

Registration closes on 12/31/2025 at 09:45 PM
Season Dates: 04/08/2024 to 12/31/2025


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