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Thinking About Volunteering as a Soccer Coach?

You want to coach your child’s youth soccer team, but you’re not sure where to start, what’s involved, or who to call. That’s ok!  We have all been through the same experience.  Rest assured- we are here to help you get up-to-speed quickly. The next few paragraphs will provide you with our expectations, basic requirements, and some helpful information to get you started.

Quick Steps

Already decided? Register yourself as a volunteer (you must login first) with TAYSA, then go to the MYSA Adult Registration Checklist and complete the steps to becoming a volunteer!


Every season, the Townsend-Ashby Youth Soccer Association provides approximately 300 children with the opportunity to play organized soccer, in an atmosphere where the focus is on making the game fun and enjoyable for players, parents, and coaches in addition to learning the skills needed to play. TAYSA believes our kids deserve to have qualified coaches who not only know the game, but also have adequate training in how to teach young players properly and safely.

To that end, TAYSA provides a variety of training and coach licensing opportunities for parents who wish to be involved in coaching and team management, and sets minimum requirements for coaches to ensure that our players have the best youth soccer experience possible.

Here are 6 Steps for Success...

1. Be a Leader

A coach is a leader first. The position requires a role model and someone who sets positive examples for each player. The coach brings enthusiasm, energy and a love for the game of soccer to every practice and game. Two of the most important responsibilities of a youth soccer coach include the ability to:

1.       Provide a safe and healthy environment for the kids to practice and play soccer
2.       Provide mature and adult supervision for young athletes.

2. Be a Student of the Game

Coaches are expected to know the basics of the game of soccer. Don’t be intimidated by that statement if you have never played the game. There are plenty of resources available to help you get started including the following:

  • US Soccer Rules - The rules of the game can be found on the US Soccer web site.
  • Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) – MYSA offers coaches clinics at regular intervals throughout the state. The courses range from introductory to more advanced coaching classes. These classes combine discussion and experiential training. Learn more at
  • MYSA player development guidelines, and the MYSA coaches session plans to plan a season from start to finish.
  • TAYSA Coaches – Don’t hesitate to email the TAYSA Director of Coaching Development, for more answers and information.

3. Fill out a CORI Background Check

Click here for information on CORI.

4. Complete Concussion Awareness Training

TAYSA and the Mass Youth Soccer Association have made Concussion Awareness Training mandatory for all youth sports coaches. Follow this link at HEADS UP Concussion Awareness to complete your training.

Once you successfully complete the training, you will receive an online certificate. Type in your name and save the pdf file or print it. Please forward the certificate to TAYSA’s Coach Development Director.

5. Earn your US Soccer Federation Coaching License

  • ALL COACHES (Head and Assistants) ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE THE ONLINE Grassroots COURSETAYSA will reimburse all related fees. Complete before first practice.
  • All other coaches are encouraged to continue their certification up to the “D” level.
  • Available courses can be found on USSF website.

6. Comply with TAYSA's Code of Conduct

  • Develop ability and confidence with players by creating a fun atmosphere. Kids will develop their own desire to win and compete. Focus on constructive criticism and positive affirmation to build players’ confidence.
  • Minimize coaching from the sidelines during the game. Allow players to focus on the game and make mistakes.  Corrections/comments are best delivered on the sidelines.
  • You are responsible for your players’ parents. Please monitor their behavior and remind them they are not to communicate with the refs or coach from the sidelines.
  • Travel Coaches:  All coaches must complete, sign and send back the NVYSL Coaches Pledge to TAYSA's Travel Director. This form is required every season in order to coach for TAYSA and in the NVYSL. During TAYSA's Pre-Season Coaches meeting you will receive a NVYSL Rules, By-laws and Coaches Manual and your team's pass cards (MTOC Levels).

In the Summary...

This is just the start of your journey. Once you get involved and start coaching, you will be amazed at all the resources available to you, as well as, all of the very knowledgeable and experienced coaches in TAYSA. Check out the sites and give us a call today to get involved!


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