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Girls Softball




For girls from Pre-K through 2nd grade, the registration fee is $65 per player.
For girls from 3rd through 8th grade, the registration fee is $90 per player.

All families must pay a one time athletic club fee per year, which occurs the first time that you register for any sport for the year.


Defined as girls who are currently in their last year of school before kindergarten.  These players will be combined with kindergarten-aged players to make teams of usually around 6-8 players.  Think of this as equivalent to lollipop soccer or tee-ball for baseball.  Players on this level practice once a week for ~45' and play 6-8 instructional, non-competitive games primarily on Sunday afternoons.  Players receive a visor and Visi softball t-shirt for playing.  The focus is on teaching the very basics of the game (running bases, fielding positions, how to hold and swing a bat, how to use your glove, etc).  During the games, each player gets ~4 pitches to hit the ball.  If unsuccessful, they will hit off of the tee.  Defensive players are only positioned in infield positions with no catcher.  They can try to make the play for an "out," but the base runner would remain either way for practice.

K:  See Pre-K.  Defined as girls who are currently in kindergarten.

1st/2nd:  This is still an instructional, non-competitive, coach-pitch experience.  However, outs are outs and teams switch sides if 3 outs are made or after 10 players have batted.  The St. Ignatius postseason tournament is popular on this level as it is their first experience of keeping scores and competing that way as a prelude to the next level of play.  Practices are once a week for ~90' and each team plays 8 regular games in their season on the weekends.

3rd/4th:  Competitive play starts on this level, but there are no "A" and "B" team options yet.  This is also the first year of kid pitch and base stealing.There is some amount of nervousness for 3rd graders trying to decide if they want to continue playing softball since it is now kid pitch.  Though batters definitely do get hit by pitches sometimes, I promise you that hard-throwing pitchers are RARE at this age.  The batting experience for the most part is very similar to pitches they saw from their coaches the year before.  Stealing is only occasionally exciting as there is probably a >95% success rate, but it is done in a way to encourage runner and fielder development for the next level of play.  There are 2 practices a week on this level each lasting ~90'.  The regular season includes 10 games that are usually played on Saturdays.

5th-8th:  The game really starts clicking at these ages for those who are still playing.  Abilities in all facet of the game are noticeably different by this time.  Only very few rule differences exist between the 5th/6th grade level and the 7th/8th grade level (e.g. 7th/8th grade players can steal home and the drop 3rd strike rules are in effect).  Based on number of players and overall abilities for the game, there may be options to have skills assessments and divide into "A" and "B" teams.  Both of these levels have 2 practices a week for ~90' each and play 10 regular season games usually on Saturdays.

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