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Jul, 2019

2019 Raffle Ticket Information

The raffle tickets you have received from 3B were included in your registration fee.   They are yours to do with as you like.

Basically you have 3 options with your raffle tickets...

1. Sell the tickets and keep the money; that way, your child has played for free. But you MUST turn in the ticket stubs to the concession stand (stubs only; the main ticket should be left with the person you sold the ticket to and the money stays with you.)
2. Write your name on the raffle ticket stubs, turn in the stubs at the concession stand and wait to see if you've won.
3. Any combination of the above two options; sell some and keep the rest.

In the end, ONLY the stubs get turned into the concession stand.  You keep the money from any sold tickets.

Tickets MUST be turned in by the drawing on 8/4/19 at 7:30pm!!!

3B donates the prize money as a way to help you sell the tickets to help pay for your child to play for a reduced rate.

Good luck and happy selling!
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