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Information for Volunteers

All AYSO volunteers need to register as volunteers with the AYSO National office every year. This includes coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, referees, field set up team and snack bar assistants. To register as a volunteer, you have two options: 
1.  Go to
2.  If you are a returning volunteer, you can select the log in button. If this is your first time, you select the first time button. 
3.  Select the volunteer button on the right side of the screen.
4.  Select the option that best fits your description i.e. returning volunteer, new volunteer. 
5.  Follow the steps on the screen and complete the information requested.
6.  Print out two copies of the volunteer forms. 
7.  Sign both copies of the volunteer forms. 
8.  Mail both copies of the forms to AYSO PO Box 333, San Marcos, CA 92079.

AYSO no longer accepts hand-written adult volunteer forms. Please visit eAYSO to sign up today. It's quick and easy by just following the steps above.

Once the Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) receives your signed forms, you will then be entered into the system and your volunteer registration will be complete for the upcoming season.

Any person wishing to volunteer in AYSO is subject to a criminal background check, with a strong focus on the following:
  • Coaches of sports teams
  • Assistant coaches of sports teams
  • Officers, board members, and staff who lead or organize children's activities
  • Referees

For the most current version and details please check the AYSO National Background Check Policy. For your convenience, we also host a local copy of the .pdf file here.

Volunteers make AYSO successful. No one is paid in our region; we all are 100% volunteers. You play a crucial part in the flow and success of our region. We need a least one family member to participate as a volunteer in one capacity or another. Here are some of the various volunteer positions we need filled each season and who to contact if you are interested in volunteering.

Position Description Contact
Coach Manages the team, attends appropriate training class, holds practice, attends games. Coach Administrator
Assistant Coach Assists the coach in managing the team, attends practice and games. Coach Administrator
Referee Facilitator of the game, track substitutions during games, report results of games, manages game clock. Attends appropriate training class. Referee Administrator
Assistant Referee/Linesman Assist the referee in running games, check in players, track substitutions during games. Referee Administrator
Division Manager Coordinates teams in a particular division, handles parent and coach inquiries about games, times and locations. Interacts with Registrar to fill rosters when vacancies are present. Lower Division Director (U6-U8)
Upper Division Director (U10-U19)
Team Parent Organizes team banner, creates snack schedules, oversees acquiring a team sponsor, attends appropriate meetings, organizes information and distributes to the team throughout the season, delegates concession team volunteers. Team Parent Coordinator
Concessions Stand Volunteers needed each weekend for 1 hour intervals to run the concession stand Consessions Director
Registration Day Coordinators Volunteers needed to run various booths and coordinate registration attendees. Registrar
Picture Day Coordinators Volunteers needed to run various booths, jumpy-house monitors, paperwork assistants, and coordinate picture day lines for teams by division. Registrar
Field Setup and Teardown Crew Fields need to be set up 30 minutes prior to start of game and nets and goals need to be taken down and put away after games. Fields Director


Safe Haven is a program instituted by AYSO to comply with the Child Protection Act of 1993.  Each team must have a certified coach that has taken this class. AYSO requires all volunteers are certified through the Safe Haven Program. The class goes over Child Protection, safety rules and volunteer liability protection. The Safe Haven Class is available online. San Marcos AYSO also hosts several Safe Haven courses throughout the year. Contact our Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) to find out when courses are being held and to sign up.

Click here to take the Safe Haven course online.

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