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San Marcos AYSO U16-U19 Program

San Marcos AYSO is offering a unique U16-U19 program. The program is designed to provide players with a high school-type environment where they play in competitive fast-paced high-scoring games that will emphasize strategy and tactical development. Coaching is provided by advanced coaches with an eye to developing the skills required for high school and above. 

Teams are restricted in size to allow maximum playing time; fewer players on the pitch means more chances to play the ball which means more opportunities to develop as a player. 

Interested in a challenge? Contact our Coach Director to find out more!

More About San Marcos AYSO

San Marcos AYSO is dedicated to providing a fun, educational and safe youth sports experience. 

We have a Youth Referee Program teaching the fundamentals of the game while creating a responsibility for our youth players. 

Our region also has a V.I.P. program for children with special needs, for more info on VIP, see our VIP page for details.

To ensure the "safe" part of the experience, players are asked to abide by the following:
  • No earrings or jewelry are allowed, no exceptions.
  • Metal and plastic hair ties or clips are not allowed, only soft "scrunchie" hair ties.
  • Players with splints or casts of any kind are not permitted to practice or play in a game. Once the cast or splint is removed, the player must present a doctor's note releasing the player from medical restrictions. A soft joint brace may be worn at the discretion of the referee.
  • Eye glasses, hearing aids and med-alert bracelets are allowed.
  • Players must wear shinguards to practices and games or they cannot play.
  •  Cleats are not required, but are strongly recommended.
  • Players must display good sportsmanship at all times. This includes showing respect to the referees. Only your team captain should approach a referee during game time with any concerns the team may have.

Play for the fun of playing, not to please anyone else.

Field Status

Closed Closed

Las Posas Park  (12:08 PM | 11/28/16)

Closed Closed

Walnut Grove Park - North (12:08 PM | 11/28/16)

Closed Closed

Hollandia Park (12:08 PM | 11/28/16)