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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about soccer, AYSO in general, and San Marcos AYSO. 

About Registration
Visit this page to get answers to questions about registration and payments.

About AYSO
This page will answer many of your questions about AYSO, our structure and San Marcos AYSO.

About Players and Equipment
Visit this page to find out about soccer players and the equipment necessary to play soccer.

About The Sport of Soccer
Visit this page to find some general information about the game of soccer.

About Youth Soccer Game Format in San Marcos AYSO
This page has information about the game format, game duration, and other details specific to youth soccer, listed by age division.

Field Status

Closed Closed

Las Posas Park  (12:08 PM | 11/28/16)

Closed Closed

Walnut Grove Park - North (12:08 PM | 11/28/16)

Closed Closed

Hollandia Park (12:08 PM | 11/28/16)