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Referee Clinics and Training

Here are all the details on referee clinics and online classes for AYSO referees. San Marcos AYSO is committed to making sure that you're referee experience is the best it can be. If you have any questions, comments or would like to sign up to be a referee, please contact our Referee Director.

Referee Training -

Ref training can begin as soon as you fill out your volunteer form at  Keep your volunteer id number.  Go to and begin your training.  A companion class will be set in August to complete your class.  Contact [email protected] as soon as you have completed the online portion.

Instructions for Online Portion of Basic Referee Training

Online Training is an alternative means to completing the Basic Referee Training requirements.  It provides the same level of training as the Basic Referee Course, but does so with a combination of online and live instruction.  You must complete the online portion prior to attending the Online Companion Basic Referee Training listed in the table below.

To complete the online portion follow these steps:
  1) Go to
  2) Login with your AYSO Volunteer ID #. (Contact the Referee Director or Registrar if you can't find your AYSO Volunteer ID number.)
  3) Select Start Now in the Referee Training Box.
  4) Follow the on screen instructions to complete the online portion of the training course.

If you have any questions about our Referee Training classes, please contact our Referee Director or Referee Instructor.

Referee Scheduling with

San Marcos AYSO is using for our referees to schedule games and assign referee points. Click here to access then follow these instructions to schedule a game.
1.  Click here to go to
2.  Log in with the same email you used last year or create a new account.  If you forgot your password, click Forgot Password.
3.  Update your profile.  You can select My Account and the Profile from the menu bar at the top of the page
4.  Select Add/Remove Programs
5.  Select Add Competition
6.  Select Fall 2015 and Add to Profile.  (You can also delete previous years if you'd like.)
7.  Select Go to Profile
8.  Select Manage My Teams
9.  Remove Teams from previous years and then select Add a Team.
10. From the drop down box select the team that you want to receive your referee points. You can add multiple teams to your profile.  NOTE:  If you do not have a team please select “Referee No Team” from the list.
11. Select Go to Profile
12. Select Referee Scheduler in the righthand column.  (You can also access the scheduler by selecting Referees on the top menu and then select Self-Scheduler.)
13. At the top of this screen you can select the weekend you would like to volunteer.  Additionally, you can select the team in your profile that will get your referee points.
14. Select any of the Open slots you would like to referee by clicking the circle next to Open and then click Submit.  You will see your name entered in the slot with (Approval Pending) below it.  Schedules will be reviewed by our Referee Director to make sure there are no scheduling conflicts. Once your schedule is approved, you will receive a reminder email.

Official Laws of the Game

You can download the official laws of the game from FIFA, the international governing body for football, by clicking here.

Field Status

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