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Jan, 2020

1/23/2020 VAC General Meeting Minutes

January 23, 2020

Next  Meeting
Board - Feb 20
General - March 19  - Possible May 12



President’s Report:

  1. Field Plan
    1. Seeding- Hire out to Mike Kessler
    2. Field Crowning- Bob has alternate plan for dirt, supplies being delivered
    3. Field Equipment maintenance- in line to get done, should be completed by Spring Clean-up
    4. Fencing –
      1. Batting Cage
      2. Backstop #5 and extension to ditch netting
      3. Backstop #1
      4. Backstop #3
      5. Backside of Pavilion 
      6. Fence along hill just needs actual fence ties and should be good
      7. Clean fencing btw Field 1 and 3- Todd will talk with Middendorf
    5. Field 4 – Parsons- $5000 donation- drain tile around field
  2. Grill Area- Update
    1. Community Approved
    2. Zoning Permit Approved
    3. Building Permit- Under Reviewthisweek
    4. Total cost- $50,000/$60,000
      1. Did we have final vote on cost?Going to look at previous meeting minutes from Board Meetings
  3. Floor Care
    1. Machine- Broken, will not hold charge. Schmidt to take a look at it to see if he can fix it
    2. Can school clean during week?
      1. Need to purchase new dust mops
      2. Plate for volleyball poles in ground loose, need to duct tape down to hold it in place
    3. Tarp- Missing, need to find asap
    4. AUD annual maintenance date –Aug 11,12,13
    5. AUD long-term maintenance
      1. Cincinnati Floor- no more sanding left, discussion of timeline for when floor needs to be replaced
      2. Brian S and Jodi to get additional quotes and future of gym floor
        1. Need a future plan in place and properly documented
        2. Possible Capital project within 10 Years
      3. No Street balls on AUD floor or in hallways, signs will be in place- Approved
  4. Non Parishioners- Had a couple for Spring Sports that needed to be reimbursed and could not play


Bryan Clyde


Brian Schmidt -  Treasurer’s Report

  1. Monthly Report- All fees paid, caught up on all bills


Anne Gambetta

  1. Adding $30 after registrations have closed


Josh Serger

  1. Fundraiser- Every other month, 1st Tuesday of the month- Penn Station next fundraiser
  2. Raising Cane Update- They have not given us final total raised


PJ Meyer

  1. Garbage Cans- Need 10
  2. Drinking Fountain- Installed; we do not have freeze proof pipes running in the facility, water line to fountain must be turned off during winter months. Fountains themselves are freezer proof
  3. Golf Outing – May 1


Casey Albertz

  1. Meeting with Old Timers, send agenda items to Albertz



Baseball  -  Todd Zureick                                                     • VAC Rep -  Schmidt

  1. Dirt spread

2.  Season Dates

3/7 Tentative Spring Clean up

3/20 Thaw

3/28-6/14 Season

5/22 Family Night – help on date w Old Timers

6/18 League Tourney starts


Softball -  Michael Parsons                                 • VAC Rep – Schmidt

  1. GWAC- Must be designated a girl on Birth Certificate in order to play in the GWAC league


Lacrosse -  Tom Winkler                                                     • VAC Rep -  Gambetta

  1. Signups still open


Track  -  Kerry Vetter                                                           • VAC Rep -  Serger

  1. Signups still open
  2. Practice will be held at 3 Rivers
  3. Last Year as Commissioner


Boys Volleyball - Keith Neinhaus                                       • VAC Rep -   Jodi Zureick

  1. Tryouts 2/2 and 2/9



 Soccer (Boys/Girls) - Kim Poff                                           • VAC Rep  - Meyer

  1. Ref Fees- Not close to needing 1099


Football -  Bob Lyons                                                           • VAC Rep -  Zureick

  1. Ref Fees- Not close to needing 1099


Golf -  Scott Nichols                                                             • VAC Rep -  Schmidt



Girls Volleyball – Julie Miller                                             • VAC Rep -  Gambetta

  1. Season- Successful winning season on most levels
  2. Concessions
  3. Tourney- Need to find rep to run it



Boys Basketball -  Steve Horvath & Jason Combs           • VAC Rep -  Serger

  1. Do not open concessions during basketball games


Girls Basketball -  David Kneflin                                         • VAC Rep -  Schutte

  1. Service project
  2. Need new unifoms
  3. Tourney- Feb 19 – March 1




Parish Representative – Dave Feldman


Spiritual Representative  - Jodi Zureick






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