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Sacred Heart CYO Baseball/Softball is affiliated with Cal Ripken Baseball / Babe Ruth Softball.

Sacred Heart CYO Baseball & Softball


Who should play:

  •          The season is for those who want to be out there. If anyone is uncomfortable at any time given the current climate, they should have the ability to stop participating immediately.
  •          If you think you will be short players for a game, please try to fill in from your own program. We also have a guest list of players that can sub if needed.
  •          At any point that the State or other authorities change their stance in any way regarding game play, the League will likewise make appropriate changes.

Guidelines for safety:

  •   We will follow all CDC guidelines, including restrictions post out of state travel. These change rapidly, so we will change as they do.
  • Home coaches should make opposing teams aware of any additional guidelines prior to arrival.
  •          The home head coach is in charge of maintaining all guidelines on and around the field of play. Coaches will sanitize equipment after each game.
  • Any travel team attending a tournament must fill have each family fill out an additional League sent survey prior to play.
  •          Each field must adhere to the current social gathering limit
  •          All fans must remain 6 feet apart. All non-players are asked to wear a mask.
  •          Coaches should have a mask at all times to be worn whenever possible.
  •          Any individual with a family member showing any known or suspected symptoms of COVID must not attend. Players should be screened for symptoms including a fever just prior to attending the game.
  •          All PLAYERS SHOULD BRING HAND SANITIZER, and sanitize or wash hands each inning
  •          No sunflower seeds or spitting or handshakes after the game
  •          No sharing of equipment between players from team to team.
  •          All home teams should provide 6 game quality balls to be rotated throughout the game.
  •          The dugouts and the bleachers are CLOSED. Players will utilize the first and third base fences to set up.
  •          Fans must stay at least 20 feet away from the players and may not go behind home plate. Spread out along the outfield to watch.
  •          Pre-game rules may be gone over from a socially distant space. All scoresheets should be traded virtually. Take a picture with your phone and text it to the other scorekeeper.
  • The Leagues has contracted with Eco Lab to provide with us with professional grade sanitizer to clean the bathrooms and other common areas. We will sanitize every hour they are open, or will lock them if that is not possible.

Guidelines for communicating with umpires:

  •          Umpires are advised not to touch game balls to minimize contact.
  •          Venmo payments should be used whenever possible in lieu of cash. Download this app and set it up now.
  •          Umpires will adhere to same pre-game standard of symptom check, including temperature screening prior to getting out of their car.

In addition to these mandatory rules, each commissioner was given a list of optional safety precautions as well as the NJ guidelines for getting back onto the field. Each home complex may institute additional rules to be gone over prior to the visiting team arriving. Any potential conflicts regarding these rules should be discussed prior to a team travelling to another Complex.


I would like to make sure every family has a voice in keeping their child safe, healthy and active. If you have any issues, please reach out to our Board to discuss. This is all very new, and not all issues will be malicious. We are all learning on the fly, so we value everyone’s insight.


Guidelines to follow if someone around your team feels ill:

  • Any illness is a presumed positive until they get a negative test or clearance from a doctor.
  • If a child on your team falls ill, they should get a rapid test to be sure. If that child had contact within the last 72 hours with the team, All team activities must cease until they are cleared.
  • If a parent or family member of a team falls ill, that child will be removed from team activities until the family member tests negative.
  • If a child tests positive, the entire team will be quarantined for 14 days from the last team event that child attended.
  • If a family member of a team tests positive, that athlete must be quarantined for 14 days.
  • It is not our job to spread the word of a positive test. It is just our job to keep everyone safe and follow CDC guidelines.
  • I spoke with doctors at CHoP for clarification on this. Any further degrees of separation does not have to go reported.
  • It is important to note that 98% of all tests in NJ come back negative. So let’s be smart, but not alarmist…

Team Tournament Email:

You MUST respond to this email. We need to hear from every family before the Board will make any decisions on a team attending a tournament. This is in the interest of safety as well as fairness to the families of the team,

We are in the process of putting together some basic questions for your coaches to ensure that safety guidelines are looked into prior to your trip. These are meant as an aid, not to disqualify the opportunity.


Please answer the following questions so that we know there is a consensus:

1.    Are you aware of the risks associated with travelling to a state with a different response to the COVID crisis? This includes hotels, restaurants and the tournament venue. Is this an issue for you?

2.    Do you accept that a huge spike in either NJ or the state you are travelling to may result in the cancellation of your trip with no refund?

3.    Are you comfortable with the safety precautions the tournament director has presented?

4.    Are you comfortable with the safety precautions your coach has discussed?

5.    Do you have any questions for SHCYO prior to you agreeing to go?

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