Tyngsboro Youth Baseball

Volunteer Requirements

All those wishing to be a volunteer with Tyngsboro Youth Baseball Association must meet a variety of criteria and requirements first.   In 2019 Babe Ruth League, Inc. has added additional requirements required of all coaches and board members that come in frequent contact with youth.  This is a result of the enactment of the Safe Sport Act in Februrary of 2018 and to further protect our youth.   See here for additional information from Babe Ruth.

All volunteers must go through a 3 step process to be eligible to volunteer.

  1. A Massachusetts CORI check will be required.
  2. A National background check
  3. Proof of completion of Abuse Prevention training program

Step 1: MA CORI Check

Each volunteer must submit a Mass. CORI Acknowlegement Form to allow Tyngsboro Youth Baseball Association to review your CORI for eligibility.  Please view the TYBA CORI policy here.  Once your CORI has been reviewed and eligibility confirmed you will proceed to the national background check.  The completed CORI acknowledgement form must be provided to the league secretary for processing.

The TYBA CORI Acknowledgement form is available here.

Step 2: National Background Check

After completing the CORI process you will receive an invite from our background processing company Verified Volunteers.  You will receive an email from [email protected] with instructions on how to request your check.   TYBA is covering the cost for this background check although you will be offered the opportunity to cover this cost for the league if you choose to.   Once eligibility has been confirmed via verified volunteers you will proceed to Abuse Prevention training.

Step 3: Abuse Prevention Training

TYBA requires all coaches to complete Abuse Prevention Training via USA Baseball.  Once complete you will receive a completion certificate that must be uploaded to the website in your account volunteers information section.

The training is at no charge and can be accessed at http://www.sportdev.org/ItemDetail?iProductCode=OCAAA&Category=ONLINE&WebsiteKey=f50aacb2-a59e-4e43-8f67-29f48a308a9e   Select "Babe Ruth" as your organization when you register.

  1. Navigate here.
  2. Select Add to Cart.
  3. You will be prompted to sign in or create an account.   If you need to create an account
  4. Select "Babe Ruth League -" in Organization text box.
  5. After creating an account or logging in.  You may have to choose Add to Cart again.   Then click "Proceed to Checkout" to begin the checkout and training process. 
  6. After verifying the cost is 0 dollars you will then need to click "Submit Order".
  7. A confirmation page will be shown with a link on the top to access your course.  Click the link to take the course.
  8. Complete the course and the quiz at the end to receive your certificate of completion.  This certificate must be provided to the league secretary via email or by uploading to the website via your account's volunteer area: