Tyngsboro Youth Baseball

About Tyngsboro Youth Baseball


The Youth Baseball Association of Tyngsboro (TYBA) is a non-profit organization. TYBA is run by a Board of Directors which is made up exclusively of volunteers. The Board of Directors is governed by a set of By-laws. TYBA is dedicated to player development and promoting and enhancing the game of baseball for the youth of Tyngsboro. This will be accomplished through programs designed to educate players, coaches and parents about the sport of baseball and develop public awareness. These programs will provide the opportunity for training and play for all interested parties and will be designed to develop individual skills, fitness, teamwork and fair play.


The Programs

TYBA is divided into two programs, youth baseball and Babe Ruth. Some leagues offer summer leagues. Please ask your child's coach for details.


The Equipment 

TYBA provides each player with a baseball shirt and hat, which they will be allowed to keep at the end of the season. All travel team players are required to purchase a pair of socks and pants unless they have some from previous years. Baseball cleats are required in the upper leagues, and optional in the lower leagues.