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Referee Point System Explained

Why We Use The Referee Point System

During the Fall Season, Region 39 plays more than 50 matches each week in the U10 through U16/19 divisions.  At 3 referees per game X ten weeks of games, that is over 1500 referee assignments to fill.  The approximately two dozen referees who volunteer for their love of the game can't possibly fill all of those assignments.  The Referee Point System is used to encourage parents to volunteer as referees.

The Referee Point System


  • Each U10 thru U14 team is required to provide two (2) trained and certified referees for the entire season.
  • After training, all referees are required to create an account in CGI (our referee scheduling software).
  • Team referees must have a relative on the team. 

Weeks 1 through 10

  • Teams receive one (1) point for providing a Referee or an Assistant Referee for a regularly scheduled match in the U10 thru U16/19 Divisions.
  • All team referees combined may earn a maximum of two (2) points per team per day.

For Playoff Eligibility

  • All teams must earn a total of 15 Referee points during weeks 1 through 10.
  • U10 & U12 Divisions will use the Referee Point System to determine the eligibility for playoffs beyond the 10th week.
  • U10 & U12 Teams without sufficient Referee Points will not advance to the playoffs beyond the 10th week, regardless of win/loss record.
  • U14 U16/19 Divisions will use the Referee Point System for seeding purposes only.


During Playoffs 

  • Teams must continue to earn one (1) Referee Point each week.
  • If a team does not earn one (1) Referee Point in week 11 and one (1) Referee Point in week 12, they will not advance to Championship Saturday, regardless of win/loss record or total referee points earned.


Advice to Coaches

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Advice to Parents

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Frequently Asked Questions

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