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Referee Points Tracker

Check this page regularly to track your teams Referee points throughout the season.  Simply click on the division you want to see at the bottom of the table.  The page will be updated each week no later than Wednesday morning.  You will be able to track your teams points and quickly see how your team is doing in meeting your referee point requirements.  If the point total is highlighted in green your team has earned the maximum points possible to that point.  If it is highlighted in yellow, your team has not earned the maximum ref points, but can still meet the 15 point requirement by October 15th.  If the total is highlighted in red, your team has not earned enough points and with the number of weeks remaining they will not be able to meet the 15 point requirement by October 15th.  If you have any questions please contact the Region 39 Referee Administrator at [email protected]

In order for your team to get referee points, your team referee must;
1.  Have a CGI Account.
2.  Ref games in the U10 & above division
3.  Wear full uniform while refereeing.

The most common reason for missing points is that referees have not credited your team, or credited the wrong team in their CGI profile.
The second most common reason is that they updated their CGI profile to include their team, but the games they have already done need to be updated manually. 
Either way, if you believe you are short on points, please email James at [email protected] and let him know your Division & Team #, and the referee names.

Updated Oct-4th