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UK International Soccer
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If you are interested in hosting a UK coach

Host a coach program

Our coaches from the UK rely on host families to accommodate them when they live and work in the United States. Host families benefit by learning about the British way of life and its cultural differences, whilst enhancing their soccer education. The differences of our language and backgrounds, combined with the love of soccer, ensure a memorable stay and a long lasting friendship for everyone.

We invite all families in Region 39 to participate in this unique opportunity. For the summer camps, we do offer scholarships for your children if you do decide on hosting a coach. The following web link goes into more detail about the host a coach program, including testimonials and frequently asked questions.

There will be further hosting opportunities in the fall when coaches return for the Technical Training Program. However, we are currently struggling for hosts for when the summer camp coaches arrive (July 18 and August 1)

Anyone who would like to participate in our hosting program, or simply would like to find out some more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch. My contact details are as follows:

[email protected]