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T-Ball Game Rules

1. All games must start no later than 15 minutes after game time, which is at 6:00 p.m.
2. Three (3) innings per game.
3. Each player bats once per inning.
4. No stealing will be allowed.
5. When the last batter comes to bat, the inning ends when an infielder throws the ball to the catcher and the catcher steps on home plate.
6. No player shall throw a bat.
7. No bunting will be allowed.
8. No infield fly rule.
9. Batting order must be so that the last batter is a different player each consecutive inning.
10. There is no minimum number of players to have a game
11. Distance between the bases shall be 45 feet.
12. The catcher is responsible for setting the ball on the "T".
13. When the ball is thrown into home plate to be placed on the "T", no runner may advance (see rule #5), even if the catcher missed the ball.
14. When the last batter hits the ball, all the runners continues running base path until the last runner crosses home plate.
15. Pitching will take place during the second inning.
16. All pitching will be done by the coach or the assistance coach of the team at bat. No limitation on the distance from the plate.
17. All pitches will be delivered in a slow underhand style.
18. All fielding players must play three (3) different positions each game.
19. If, due to inclement weather, the second inning may be played off the "T", if both coaches agree
20. All players, when hitting from the "T", must hit the ball into fair territory i.e. no strikeouts. The dirt area in front of home plate is considered a "FOUL BALL".
21. For the purpose of safety, no fielder may advance beyond the radius line toward home plate before the ball is hit. The radius line will extend from third base line to the first base line at a distance of 23 feet from home plate.
22. No more than two players may play at the radius line.
23. In case of inclement weather, in the judgment of the coaches, two complete innings will constitute a complete game. If two innings are not completed and rescheduling is required, the game will resume from the last completed inning.
24. After six (6) swings, the coach helps the batter hit the ball or the batter hits off the "T".
25. Rescheduling of any games will be done by the Games Operational Director.
26. Home team is responsible for setting up the field. Opposing team is responsible for putting equipment away.
27. All equipment must be turned in at the concession stand after the team's last game of the season.
28. A batter becomes a "runner" when the bat makes contact with the ball
29. All bases and baselines are to be considered the "infield".
30. Boundaries for the field of play are considered the left and right foul lines.
31. Batters may only advance one base except for the last batter.
32. A runner, while touching a base, is not considered to be advancing toward the next base.
33. Printed T-Ball rules take priority over any conflicting Little League Baseball rules and regulations.

Theses rules are intended to promote a safe and fun, yet fair, opportunity for young children to participate in and to learn the game of baseball. Since winning is not of prime importance, informality and leniency is desirable. However, parents and coaches philosophies sometimes differ in this regard. Certain rules must be established so the equitable judgment can be made.

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