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Updated 3-15-17


The Visitation Viking Soccer Program strives to balance learning the fundamentals of soccer, having a positive experience and winning in a Christian environment. 


We participate in the WCSA league which falls under SAY Soccer which falls under US Soccer.  The local Catholic schools also participate under WCSA.  The playing guidelines are dictated by the WCSA league guidelines.  Some guidelines, and not limited to, require all players on a roster to play for half of the time they are present at a league soccer game.   The Visitation Soccer program works hard to get as much meaningful playing time for their players as we can by making it a priority at all levels.  Our participation as of last year exceeds 400+ children; support our vision to making playing time a priority for each child.

Teams will be split up by calendar year this coming Fall 2017 season. 

Team coaches and volunteers are requested at signup.


Thank you for making Visitation Soccer a great program!

Coordinators: Kim Poff and Molly Huchart

Equipment Coordinator:  Steve Gillock

Field Coordinator:  Jesse Bruner

Concession Stand Coordinator:  (still in need of a volunteer)

Contact information with additional questions or concerns: or


Important Dates:

·        Sign Ups March 15th through May 1st – Cost $75

·        Late Sign Ups:  May 2nd through May 15th – Cost $85 

·        May 9th – Spring Sports Mass at the Pavilion

·        First Practice can begin the first week of August 2017

·        Soccer Blue/Orange Friday August 25th – 5:30PM first set of games start

·        Season Kickoff – updated soon


Congratulations to our teams that went to tournament last fall.  Well done!

Tony Hughes’ Team (Grade 1 and 2 Girls) – WCSA Champions, State Champions

Sean Young’s Team (Grade 1 and 2 Girls) – WCSA Finalists, State Finalists

Randy Lipps’ Team (Grade 1 and 2 Boys) – WCSA Finalists & State Finalists

Steve Gillock’s Team (Grade 5 and 6 Girls) – WCSA Champions, State Finalists

Molly Huschart’s Team (Grade 7 and 8 Girls) – WCSA Champions, State Champions


How can I get involved in the soccer program?

First & foremost all volunteers must complete the Archdiocese Virtus program; which includes fingerprinting, back-ground check and attending a training class. If you need additional information you can visit the following website: For VIRTUS questions/issues, contact Laura Hampel at Parish office,  513-347-2203 / There are many ways to be involved with our soccer program. We need volunteers to help with coaching, assisting with field preparation; helping with equipment collection/inventory and concession stand duty.   If you are interested in coaching, please sign up on the website when you sign up your child to play soccer.

Can I request my son/daughter be placed on a certain team? 

WCSA selects the teams.  The only possibility is for a coach and assistant coach to request to volunteer for the same team.  This is not a guarantee – if we have more coaches sign up then teams, a selection process will take place.  I would encourage families not to fret about "playing with people you know". Joining a soccer team is a great way for the kids to meet new friends and for parents to meet other parents within our parish community. 

Does soccer offer try outs?

At this time, we do not offer try outs for soccer.  The level of play that we are entered into with WCSA, requires all teams to be auto generated at the WCSA level.  In the past we have evaluated entering into a SAY Premier league which would require try outs to play on a premier team.  We do not plan to enter any teams in the Premier SAY league.

Where can I find information about our leagues? 

Visitation teams play in the WCSA program with other area private and public schools. You can visit to find out league rules, game schedules and field directions.

Concession Stand:   How does my family sign-up for our two required time slots at the concession stand?

Prior to the season each family will have the opportunity to sign-up for a required one time slot via Sign-Up Genius. Children 7th grade and over can work in the concession stand and Service Hours are available. Thank you in advance for supporting our concession stand.  Sign up Genius will be sent to all soccer families by August 2017.


U.S. Soccer Changes

SAY Soccer is making some organizational and administrative changes in order to be in more compliance with the new U.S. Soccer Playing Year and Player Development Initiatives.  Additionally, in an effort to maintain SAY's two-year age divisions, the SAY National Rules & Referee Committee (SNRRC) has extended the deliberate heading restrictions to include 11-year old players, i.e. all Striker Division (U12) teams and younger.  

SAY Soccer Gold and Silver Age Matrices have been established in order to be in compliance with the U.S. Soccer directive regarding the definition of a player's age relative to the playing year.  SAY's GOLD MATRIX matches the U.S. Soccer standard that has been mandated to be implemented by the Fall of 2017.  Those SAY Areas wishing to stay-the-course with their existing player year definition would use the SILVER MATRIX to establish teams. The SAY GOLD and SILVER Matrices, used in conjunction with the SAY Organizational Rules, are compliant with U.S. Soccer's mandated standards.  

Does my SAY League have to make these changes?
Our expectation is that our members will essentially move towards these new U.S. Soccer standards.  SAY Soccer has always provided our membership with a reasonable amount of flexibility and, as such, will continue to make every effort to assist you in meeting your needs in conjunction with the new U.S. Soccer standards.  

Who is U.S. Soccer and why do we care?
U.S. Soccer is the governing body for soccer in the United States.  SAY Soccer and many other youth soccer organizations chose to belong to U.S. Soccer for a variety of reasons including participation in tournaments, hosting tournaments, league interplay, access to grants, a structure to standardize our sport across multiple organizations and more.  Many SAY Soccer leagues find U.S. Soccer membership is crucial to their survival, provides legitimacy to their program and offers a level playing field to participate in non-SAY events around the country.  

What are the changes I am hearing about?

There are three major changes coming from U.S. Soccer that have an implementation date set for Fall of 2017. 
    1.  Calendar-year birth date (January to December)
     2.  Small sided game changes
         a.  Age-appropriate play guidelines
               i.    Field size
               ii.   Goal sizes
               iii.  Team sizes
               iv.  Build-out lines
     3.  Concussion protocols and practical implications