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Birdie Golf (Instructional)


CLCF Youth Golf FALL 2023
Driving Range at Mulligan’s Island Golf and Entertainment Center
1000 New London Ave (RT 2) Cranston RI 02920 ( )

Online registration at (registration opens August 14, 2023)
Based on parent input, we continue to make changes to our golf program. Many parents suggested that golfers receive more “one-on-one” instruction from our Golf Instructor. In response, we have limited each session to 12 golfers. As a result of the smaller class size, we must increase the rate per golfer. Because of scheduling conflicts and shorter days in the fall, we have dropped the Eagle Golf program, but we do intend to reinstate Eagle Golf in the spring. Please note that CLCF is a Cranston based organization whose primary focus is youth sports for CRANSTON residents. CLCF provides financial assistance for eligible Cranston participants. If your golfer is not a Cranston resident, you are not eligible for financial assistance, and your registration is subject to cancellation in favor of Cranston based participants. Accordingly, we would ask any non-Cranston residents to delay registration until August 24. 
Birdie Golf (Instructional)

Ages 6-17, limited to 24 golfers (12 per session) $165.00 registration fee.
8 - Week program covers Fundamentals of Swing, Chipping, and Putting, and safety.

Birdie Golf instruction will be held on MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS, AUGUST 28, 30, SEPTEMBER 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25. RAIN DATES (if necessary) SEPTEMBER 27, OCTOBER 2. Schedule is subject to change
Birdie Golf 4:30 sessions start promptly at 4:30 and end at 5:25.
Birdie Golf 5:30 sessions start promptly at 5:30 and end at 6:25.
Younger golfers will generally be assigned to the 4:30 session.

Birdie Golf students will meet on the north end of the driving range. 
CLCF- Golf will have limited number of clubs for shared use by Birdie Golf participants, at their own risk. We do not “clean” the clubs between shared use. Birdie Golf golfers may
bring their own clubs. Birdie Golf golfers will only need two clubs, a 7 iron and a putter. Children should not use adult clubs (too heavy and too long). US Kids Golf, and several other manufacturers, make excellent children’s clubs.

Charlie Blanchard is our golf instructor. One of Rhode Island’s most successful and decorated golfers, Charlie is the Head Golf Coach for Bryant University, and is a past winner of the Connecticut Senior Open and the RI Senior Open.

CLCF- Golf Chair: Mark Charleson  [email protected] 401-339-6275

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