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For over five decades, CLCF Baseball has offered fun and competitive baseball programs to players ranging from ages 4-12 throughout the City of Cranston. 

We have over 400 players participate annually at our five fields across Cranston. We strive for player development and instruction in a healthy, family-oriented program.  Our success on the field has led to numerous state championships in Cal Ripken Baseball and many local tournaments in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Baseball Age is as of April 30

Instructional Division (Ages 4 -5) shows live "over hand" pitching from coaches.

AA Division  (Ages 6 -7 ) shows pitching from a pitching machine,  and players are playing real baseball positions in the field.

AAA Jr Division (Ages 8) has players pitching from 40 feet in the first half of the season and then switching over to 46 feet by the end of May.  We having stealing of 1st to 2nd, in order to get runners and catchers ready for "Real Baseball".

AAA Division (Ages 9 - 10) - Real Youth baseball with pitching from 46 feet and stealing of every base including Home.

Majors Division (Ages 11 - 12)  -  50/70 Baseball!  Players get to pitching from 50 feet and are able to lead and steal at every base.  Balks are called. "Real Baseball"  This division gets players ready for Middle School and Babe Ruth/Senior League baseball.

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Craig Zarrella
Vice President of CLCF Baseball
[email protected]

Don Ceseretti
President of CLCF Baseball


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There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.