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Volunteer Requirements

We love Volunteers and can't run this organization without them!

All volunteers are required to complete the St. Mary's County Recreation & Parks background check (see steps below).

Managers and Coaches are required to complete TWO BACKGROUND CHECKS:
1. St. Mary's Recreation & Parks Background Check
2. St. Mary's Little League Background Check

Please take the following steps to get started on your background check(s):

STEP 1: 
You need to volunteer for your intended position on our SMLL website by filling out the on-line application within Blue Sombrero. When you register your player, the system will ask if you're interested in volunteering. If you indicate yes, the system will take you through several additional steps during registration. Please note: you can go back into your Blue Sombrero account via our website at any time and choose to become a volunteer. 

Once you've signed up as a volunteer through your Blue Sombrero account, go to the below link to see if you have already been approved by St. Mary's County Recreation & Parks. If your certification date is good thru the season, you're good to go (please proceed to Step 4). Note: The expiration date for your St. Mary's County Recreation & Parks background check is one year from the date displayed on the link.
If you are not already certified through St. Mary's County Recreation & Parks, please complete their background check via the link(s) below):

Note: When filling out the background application, please choose St Mary’s Little League for the youth sport you're volunteering for. The approval process through St. Mary's County Recreation & Parks typically takes around 7 days for approval. It is the volunteer's responsibility to pickup their badge from 23150 Leonard Hall Drive, Leonardtown, MD, once they receive their approval. To check the status of your background check, please reach out to St. Mary's County Recreation & Parks Volunteer Coordinator, Darrick Sesker at 301-475-4200 ext. 1803 or [email protected]


For Managers and Assistant Coaches only: Please contact St. Mary's Little League's Volunteer Coordinator, Billy Yost at [email protected]
, to complete your second required background check through Little League International. Our Volunteer Coordinator will then enter you into Little League's background check service, where you'll receive an email from a company called JDP, prompting you to complete your second background check. This second background check is required and separate from the St. Mary's County Recreation & Parks background check.

Any questions regarding Volunteering for SMLL, please contact us at  [email protected]

Please e-mail Bradley Wathen, UIC, at [email protected] for training and certification requirements.