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2023 SMLL Board of Directors

St. Mary's Little League is proud to be a 100% volunteer organization.  The Board of Directors is here to help at any time with any questions, comments, or concerns. Please feel free to contact us. We are here to provide you and your family with the best youth baseball and softball experience possible!

2024 SMLL Board of Directors
RJ BeanPresident[email protected]
Matt FaciniVice President[email protected]
Casey AlexanderTreasurer[email protected]
Melissa SkudlarekSecretary[email protected]
Randy MaltbieEquipment Manager[email protected]
Bradley WathenUmpire In Chief[email protected]
Ralph CookSafety Officer[email protected]
Alisha ReeseInformation Officer[email protected]
Bart LudlowField Coordinator[email protected]
Melissa BeanUniform Coordinator[email protected]
Marc ShubrooksTraining Coordinator[email protected]
Tish SmarrFundraising Coordinator[email protected]
Amy BiceEvent Coordinator[email protected]
Billy YostVolunteer Coordinator[email protected]
Stacy HullSponsorship Coordinator[email protected]
Ashley ThomasAwards Coordinator[email protected]
Keith BrooksChaplain[email protected]
Pete BrunoVP Jr/Sr Baseball[email protected]
Daniel GarnerPlayers Agent - Jr/Sr and Int. Baseball[email protected]
David FaciniVP Majors Baseball[email protected]
Melissa SkudlarekPlayers Agent - Majors Baseball[email protected]
Matt KaniaVP Minors Baseball[email protected]
Greg TollefsenPlayers Agent - Minors Baseball[email protected]
Jimmy JonesVP Coach Pitch[email protected]
 Tyler SautterVP Bitty Ball and T-Ball[email protected]
Jim SewellVP Jr/Sr SR Softball[email protected]
Jim SewellVP Majors Softball[email protected]
Sherry ShubrooksPlayers Agent - Softball[email protected]
April ThompsonVP Minors Softball[email protected]
Angela MiesnerVP Pony Softball[email protected]

Field Directory


Mechanicsville Elementary School

28585 Three Notch Road Mechanicsville Maryland United States 20659

(Last updated 03/10/24 at 03:33 AM )

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MES Baseball Field

(Last updated 03/10/24 at 03:38 AM )

LaPlata High School

6035 Radio Station Road La Plata Maryland United States 20646

(Last updated 04/20/24 at 12:18 PM )

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LPHS Field

(Last updated 04/20/24 at 12:18 PM )

McDonough High School

7165 Marshall Corner Road Pomfret Maryland United States 20675

(Last updated 04/20/24 at 12:22 PM )

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MDHS Field

(Last updated 04/20/24 at 12:22 PM )

Great Mills High School

21130 Great Mills Road Great Mills Maryland United States 20634

(Last updated 04/21/24 at 09:25 PM )

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GMHS Field

(Last updated 04/21/24 at 09:25 PM )

Laurel Springs Park

5940 Radio Station Road La Plata Maryland United States 20646

(Last updated 04/29/24 at 09:40 AM )

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Field #7 (90 ft)

(Last updated 04/29/24 at 09:41 AM )

Field #8 (90 ft)

(Last updated 05/20/24 at 10:38 AM )

COSCA Regional Park

11000 Thrift Road Clinton Maryland United States 20735

(Last updated 05/01/24 at 08:22 AM )

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Field #4 (90 ft)

(Last updated 05/01/24 at 08:40 AM )

Field #2 (90 ft)

(Last updated 05/08/24 at 09:32 AM )

Thomas Stone High School

3785 Leonardtown Road Waldorf Maryland United States 20601

(Last updated 05/01/24 at 08:32 AM )

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TSHS Field

(Last updated 05/01/24 at 08:33 AM )

Southern Maryland Christian Academy

9805 Faith Baptist Church Road White Plains Maryland United States 20695

(Last updated 05/13/24 at 06:16 PM )

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(Last updated 05/13/24 at 06:18 PM )

Lackey High School

3000 Chicamuxen Road Indian Head Maryland United States 20640

(Last updated 05/16/24 at 09:36 AM )

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LHS Field

(Last updated 05/16/24 at 09:36 AM )