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T-Ball Division

T-Ball is the most important division to St. Mary's Little League (SMLL) as it serves as your child's introduction to baseball.

Our T-Ball Division is 100% an instructional division with two main goals:
1. Have fun and establish a love for the game so your child wants to come back next season
2. Establish a solid baseball foundation that your child can build upon as they move to the next division 

To help support these two goals, SMLL now features two T-Ball Divisions: Rookie T-Ball and Intermediate T-Ball!

Rookie T-Ball
Age: 4 - 5
Practice: Fridays
Games: 5 games at the end of the season on Fridays

Rookie T-Ball will serve as an introduction to baseball for first-time players. This division is for first-time t-ball players only. The focus will be 100% instructional and work with the players to build a foundation and love for the game. Practices will focus on the following:

- Properly gripping a baseball
- Throwing and catching
- Positions
- Fielding
- Hitting
- Base running

Rookie T-Ball will work with children to introduce them to the sport. It is meant to introduce very basic techniques children can carry with them to the next T-Ball division. Because of the age demographics, games will be limited to 5 for the season, with a focus on getting them ready for the next t-ball division. Rules will be posted soon! 

Intermediate T-Ball
Age: 5 - 6
Practice: Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays (choose at registration)
Games: 10 games on Saturday mornings

Intermediate T-Ball will serve as the next foundational level of instruction for Little League. Children that are league age 5 are required to participate in the Rookie T-Ball Division (or equivalent in another league) prior to entering this division. The focus of this division will also be 100% instructional and work with the players to build upon their baseball knowledge and skills. Practices will focus on the following:

- Advanced throwing and catching techniques
- Advanced fielding techniques (introduce pop-ups, moving to the ball, slide/step/throw)
- Advanced position knowledge
- Hitting
- Advanced base running
- Defensive Strategies

Intermediate T-Ball will introduce gameplay for the children, with a focus on how baseball is a competitive sport. This division is meant to prepare children for the Rookie Minor division and continue to build upon the foundational knowledge established in Rookie T-Ball. Rules will be posted soon!

Please reach out to our VP of T-Ball with any questions, comments or concerns:
RJ Bean
[email protected]

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