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Cedar Hill Youth Basketball Association (CHYBA)

Code of Conduct

****Additional updates will be made to our website in November 2022 after our Fall CHYBA Board Meeting.****

CHYBA Rules of Conduct for Coaches

1. A coach must complete a Coaching packet that includes a coaching application, background check authorization, and pay all preliminary membership fees. Coaches are required to turn in their coaching packet 5 days prior to registering a Team. Upon approval of the coaching application each coach will be required to complete an annual Nays certified membership class and provide a photo for league identification badges. Annual fees will be determined prior to the start of each season. Fees include coaches membership renewal, ID badge print and materials, background history cost and other charges related to individual league participation.

2. A coach serves the team for the benefit of the players and league. A coach should consider this leadership position as a positive role model to influence good sportsmanship and basketball skills.

3. A coach will treat the players and referee with respect and communicate with them in a positive and constructive manner. It is the responsibility of the coach to control the conduct of the players and spectators during the game.

4. All teams participating in CHYBA events must be in good standing and conduct themselves in a manner that promotes good sportsmanship and the spirit of fair play. Any team including coaches and players found to be in violation of committing acts of use of words to incite, profanity, intimidation, baiting or any form of taunting design to embarrass, ridicule or demean others under any circumstances, including race, religion, gender or national origin. Could face disciplinary action by the CHYBA Board.

5. A coach must request and receive a time out from the referee before approaching the referee on court to discuss a game situation. Discussions with the referee will take place calmly "out of the hearing range" of the players and spectators. The referee will allow sufficient time for discussion and consideration of the respective issue. However, the referee has complete discretion to conclude the discussion whenever the referee deems the matter concluded or constructive progress to resolve the matter is deemed no longer possible. A referee will conclude the timeout by requesting the coach to return to the bench area. If the coach does not comply, the referee will call a technical foul against the team. If the coach receives two technical fouls for unacceptable conduct during any game, the referee will order the coach to leave the basketball gymnasium for the remainder of the game, consistent with UIL rules.

6. The coach is strongly encouraged to provide words of support and positive reinforcement for his team members as well as the opponents. A coach will not yell or become abusive to the players or referee; i.e., use inappropriate language or make physical contact. If such occurs, the coach’s team will be charged with a technical foul.

7. The referee and CHYBA Commissioner/Board Member is afforded complete control of all game circumstances. If a coach is not satisfied with the result of a discussion with the referee and the CHYBA Commissioner/Board Member the coach must advise the referee and the CHYBA Commissioner/Board Member that the game will be officially "protested". The game may proceed under protest. All protests must be filed in writing with a fee of $75 cash during or at the conclusion of the protested game. The CHYBA Board will communicate all actions/results in writing to the claimant within 5 business days of the formal protest.

The CHYBA Board thanks the coaches for their significant commitment and contribution to the youth of Cedar Hill. Please understand that the CHYBA Board retains the right (under Article XII, Section 1 of the CHYBA Bylaws) to remove any coach from their position if they conduct themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner or jeopardize the well - being of any player. Thanks for your generous support and compliance with these Rules of Conduct.

I accept the foregoing conditions and pledge to participate in the games with the positive interest of the players and team foremost in mind.
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