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The Gem City Youth Conference


The GCYC is a league for youth football and cheer organizations who are 501(c)(3) approved. The GCYC focus is to support the local member clubs while allowing the member clubs the ability to self manage their own organizations, within the guidelines set forth by the GCYC League.


Quick Facts:
- The GCYC was the first premier youth football league in the area to be a USA Football a Heads up Football league

Where can GCYC game schedules and scores be found?

The GCYC is very grateful to be partnered with My League Scores to provide the game schedule and scores and tournament management for all GCYC games.  Please check out this dynamic site!


Membership Eligibility:
Any community organized football/cheer organization that is a 501(c)(3) may apply for membership. There shall be the following requirements for any club wishing to apply for membership to the GCYC.

  1. Club Members – Any perspective club member organization meeting the requirements of the GCYC may apply for membership to the GCYC. The GCYC reserves the right to accept or deny any application for membership for any reason excluding decisions based upon race, gender, or other discriminatory criteria.

  2. Applicants for membership must meet the following minimum requirements:
  • Submit a letter of interest in writing to the GCYC designate expressing interest in joining the GCYC. The letter must acknowledge that the local club’s Board of Directors has met the voting requirements within their by-laws which are required to authorize the request for membership. The letter must be signed by the president of the local club and acknowledge that he/she has the authority to submit the application on behalf of the organization.
  • If required by the GCYC, an applicant representative may be requested to attend a GCYC meeting to answer questions about their local club.
  • Applicants must be a recognized 501(c)(3) organization and written documentation must be provided to the GCYC showing the status of the organization.
  • Applicants will provide the GCYC a copy of their by-laws and constitution upon request of the GCYC.
  • Applicant clubs may not be structured in a way that in the opinion of the GCYC promotes and fosters a “select” or “all-star” environment.
  • The Board of Directors of the GCYC will use the above minimum information but may not limit their decision to the minimum information when voting on new membership applicants. A majority vote of the GCYC is required to accept the new club.
  • When an application is accepted by a majority vote of the GCYC Board of Directors, the new member club will join the organization and will not have ties or affiliation with any other conference.