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Coaches Code of Conduct



1) I will abide by and uphold the St . Martin Athletic Association Constitution.


2) I will represent the team with a high level of sportsmanship, integrity and respect towards team, parents, officials, and opponents at all times.


3) I will support and assist in the spiritual, emotional, social and physical development of all players by providing opportunities for athletic skills training, character development, and spiritual growth.


4) I will work with the St. Martin Athletic Association's Spiritual Liaison to ensure an environment conducive to growth in faith, character, and virtues.


5) I will ensure that prayer happens at every practice, team meeting and game.


7) I will maintain compliance with all VIRTUS bulletins and all other standards of the Archdiocese Decree on Child Protection.


9) I will ensure that all parent volunteers associated with the team are approved by the Parish Office and have completed VIRTUS and an approved background check.


8) I will attend annually a St. Martin Athletic Association Coaches Ministry Meeting.


9)  I will complete the mandatory state required Concussion training.  I will comply with the law as it pertains to handling athletes who exhibit symptoms of concussions.


10) I will be responsible for the return of all uniforms and equipment issued to my team.  I understand that all uniforms and equipment must be turned in one week after the last league or tournament game.


11) I understand it is my responsibility to know and comply with all league rules and regulations. 


12) I will exhibit courtesy and respect for the person and property of others. I will not vandalize, steel or destroy any property at any athletics             venue.


13) I will not engage in loud or inappropriate, argumentative behavior with referees, umpires or other game officials.


14) I will treat opposing teams, their coaches and their fans with respect.


15) I will not use profane, vulgar, abusive or sexually-oriented language, in oral, written or electronic forms of communication (such as texting, social media or email).


16)  I will not use alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal controlled substance at practices, league competitions, or tournaments where children are present.     


17) I will not leave the field of play at practices and games until each athlete has been picked up by an adult or a parent/guardian has given prior consent for the athlete to walk home from the game or practice.


18) I will ensure that all St. Martin of Tours Athletic Association activities have a minimum of two Parish approved adults who have completed the VIRTUS training and background check.


19) I understand that athletes may not be disciplined corporally or corrected with abusive language.


20) I understand that when thunder is heard or a lightning bolt is seen at a practice or competition, teams will suspend play and take shelter immediately. Once play has been suspended, play will not resume until 30 minutes has passed since the last thunder was heard or lightening flash was witnessed.






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