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Fall Football FAQs

When does the season start and end?
Practices for Mini-Pony, Pony, JV, and Varsity will start the week of July 25, 2022 with conditioning week-no pads,  the second week of practice August 1, 2022 first week in full pads and full contact.  Flag will start the week of July 25, 2022.  Our first game will be over the weekend of August 27th. There are 9 games in the regular season.  Division 1 teams that make the play offs will start play offs in week 11. 

What does it cost to play football?
The cost for tackle football is $60, and $50 for a customized game jersey(price may very due to the cost of everything going up these days).  The cost for flag football is $20 and $30 for a customized game jersey. BAAA  requires a $25 annual membership fee per family.  If you have already played a spring/ summer sport (lacrosse or indoor football), then you will not be charged this fee.  Other costs include a $10 game sock fee, the purchase of raffle tickets-$75 to sell as part of our fundraising activities that can be sold to family and friends and Concession Stand Duty- 1 session per family, a $150 check will be collected to hold until you have fulfilled your concession stand duty.  If you choose to opt out of concession stand duty you will be required to pay $150 with registration.

Which program should I sign up for?
If your child will eventually go to Boonsboro High School, then you will need to sign up to be a Boonsboro Warrior.  Basically, if your child goes to Boonsboro Elementary, Boonsboro Middle, Greenbriar Elementary, Sharpsburg Elementary or Pleasant Valley Elementary, then you are a Warrior.  Please visit the Washington County Public School (WCPS) High School districting map.  Or visit the WCPS website for more information. 
Washington County Boundary Map Link

What equipment and clothing are provided when signing up?  

TACKLE ONLY: BAAA will provide you with game pants, shoulder pads and helmet.  You will be responsible for providing cleats, socks, protective cup, mouth piece (must be colored and attaches to face mask), chin strap, practice pants, and a practice jersey.
Practice pants and jersey can be purchased at sporting goods stores.(e.g. Dicks Sporting Goods, Middletown Sports Land, etc...).

FLAG ONLY:  BAAA will provide you with flags. You will be responsible for providing cleats, shorts, and mouth piece.

Can you reuse your personalized jerseys each season?
Yes, as long as it fit properly.

What fundraisers are done for football?

Our biggest fundraiser is our annual money bonanza.  The next fundraiser is the raffle tickets that are purchased with registration, the drawing for the raffle tickets will be at our end of the year awards ceremony.  We will be adding some other (optional) small fundraisers throughout the year, such as 50/50s during game days, and new this year Punt-Pass-Kick which will be held at our annual Grid-O-Rama on August 14, 2015.

What teams do we play?  
We are a member of the Mountain Valley Youth Football League (MVYFL).  The following teams are members of MVYFL- Boonsboro, Brunswick, Catoctin, Frederick, FSK, Gamber, Linganore, Middletown, Mt. Airy, Oakdale, Smithsburg, Spring Mills, South Hagerstown, Tuscarora, Urbana, Walkersville. Here is a visual:

What type of identification do I need for my child?
We are required to provide each child's identification,  IDs that can be used is as follows: valid birth certificate is preferred, other IDs accepted are-school board records, baptism certificate, and green cards. 

Practice Info?                                                                                
Once practices begin, we will practice 4-5 days a week until school start depending on the level and the coaches preference (e.g. Mini-Pony, Pony and Varsity).  The practice locations will be at the Boonsboro School Campus.  Practice duration will be approx. 2 hours.  Once school begins, our standard practice days will be on Tuesday and Thursdays.  Coaches will be allowed to practice a third day on either Monday or Wednesday.  There will be no practices on Friday so that our players can go support our Boonsboro High School varsity football team.  The only exception to Friday practices will be if there needs to be a makeup practice due to cancelation during the week (i.e. Tuesday practice canceled due to weather).

 For Flag, practices will be up to 3 days per week until school starts. Once school starts, practices will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Each Flag practice duration will be at the coaches discretion, but usually will last at least 1 - 1.5 hours.

When are games played?
Games locations are scheduled based on the home team’s field availability.  Away games can be on Saturday or Sunday, all our home games will be on Sunday.  All teams (with the exception of Flag) will play together at the same field.  This means that both Division 1 and Division 2 teams will play at the same location. The only exception to this is when we play a program that does not have enough players to field Division 2 teams.  In this situation, all Division 2 teams will still play another program’s Division 2 teams at the same location.

Where is our home field? 
Our homes field is the Boonsboro High School track field, located in front of Boonsboro Elementary School (BES).

5 Campus Ave. Boonsboro, Md 21713

How many games are played each season?
There are a total of 9 regular season games.  For those Division 1 teams making playoffs, playoffs will start in week 11.  Division 2 teams will play a bowl series game in week 10.

Are parents expected to volunteer during the season?
Yes, parents are expected to volunteer throughout the season.  During home games we will need help with chain gangs, scoreboard, announcements, concessions, and apparels.  Volunteering is required to help our organization run.

Are there weights limits?
Yes, the Mountain Valley Youth Football League (MVYFL) has defined weight limits by age. 

The Mountain Valley Youth Football League (MVYFL) has designated divisions of play based on age and weight for football. The age determination date for the season is September 1 of each year.  The Red Stripe concept allows heavier players to play football with the children their own age, but in a restricted role.  




Flag 5 N/A N/A
6 N/A N/A
Mini-Pony 7 90 lbs 110 lbs
8 90 lbs 110 lbs
Pony 9 115 lbs 135 lbs
10 115 lbs 135 lbs
JV 11 or Less 130 lbs 150 lbs
12 130 lbs 150 lbs
12 * 105 lbs N/A
Varsity 13 or Less 155 lbs UNLIMITTED
14 * 140 lbs UNLIMITTED

* = 8th graders

** = Mid Season Weigh-in Allots an extra 5 lbs

How do I know which level is the one for my child? 
The Mountain Valley Youth Football League (MVYFL) has 5 age groups (Flag, Mini-Pony, Pony, JV, and Varsity).  There are Division 1 and Division 2 teams at the Mini-Pony, JV, and Varsity levels. These age groups are followed with additional weight restrictions, so the below table is an example without applying weight restrictions.  These age groups are as follows:



Grade (Typically)


5 and 6

Kindergarten and 1

Mini-Pony D2



Mini-Pony D1 8 3rd

Pony D2



Pony D1 10 5th




JV D1 12 7th


13 and 14



* Age is determined using a 9/1 date of the current year.  Example: if a player turns 10 on 9/2 he is classified as a 9 year old.

Can you define the different levels- Division 1 vs Division 2? 
The Mountain Valley Youth Football League (MVYFL) has 2 divisions for Mini-Pony, Pony, and JV.  Division 1 is the most competitive division with standings and play offs.  Division 2 is a more instructional division. Even though there are full games played at the Pony and JV levels (with a winner and a looser) for Division 2, there are no standings and no play offs.

 Are there team pictures?
Yes.  Once the teams have been divided between Division 1 and Division 2, we will have pictures scheduled.  We are looking to have pictures be taken all in the same day.  Anderson Photography will be taking our pictures again this year.

Am I required to stay at practice with my child? 
For the younger age groups, we do ask that you stay at the practice location in the event your child needs you (i.e. bathroom break).  For all age groups, we do ask that even if parents are at the practice that they allow for player water bottles to be centrally located so players can take water breaks together and not with their parents.  We want to foster a team environment by doing things as a team.  Simply, we want to ask for less parent/child interaction during practice, but for the parents to be available should they be needed by their child.

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