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To become an umpire in the Tri-Town Little League for softball and baseball, you must adhere to the following criteria:


1. You must be at least 13 years of age and out of the Majors program for either Baseball or Softball 
2. You must attend at least 1 of 2 umpiring clinics. One clinic is conducted by the District 1 head umpire. A 2nd clinic is held by              the UIC of Tri-Town. The schedule for both of these Clinics is TBD and will be published once finalized.
3. You must use all the tools that are provided to you by the UIC, which include websites Link to ( UMPIRE QUIZ )
     and other documentation.
4. You need to check the schedule on a daily basis, as assignments get changed due to weather, school team makeup games,            availability of umps. 
6Your repaired CB is ready for pickup at the media center.  Please respond to this tix when you pickup. We are looking to bolster our roster of umpires this season due to the softball program. We have added 4 more divisions this year that will all require umpires.

Please contact the UIC, Joe Russo, with any questions at

4/20NL6PM wallaceJRScerbo 
4/20 SB/NL 6PMM.Becker B.Long MLHS 
4/22 AL6PML.Mathis  mufson PEPE
4/22 NL10:30AMM.BlakeP.BlakeScerbo
4/24AL6PMJB WritAsad Pepe
4/26NL 6PMI.Falconer KoldingScerbo
4/26SB/NL6PM M.Blake P .BlakeLower JHS
4/27 AL6PMI.Falconer KoldingPepe
4/27 SB/AL6PMJR WallaceJHS
4/29 AL9AMBlaiseClarkPepe
4/29 SB/AL9AMJRWallaceLower JHS
5/1AL6PMWallaceTyler Pepe
5/1 SB/AL6PM I.FalconerAsad /LongMLHS 
5/2 NL6PMZ.Johnson I.FalconerScerbo 
5/3 SB/NL6PMAsad P.Claire Lower JHS 
5/3 AL6PMMathis P.BlakePEPE
5/3 NL6PMBlaiseMyaScerbo
5/4 AL6PM JB Writ M.BeckerPepe 
5/6 SB/AL9AML.MathisMufsonRVS 
5/6 AL9:30AMJ.YunezZ.johnsonPepe
5/8 AL6:00PM Mathis Z.JohnsonPepe
5/8SB/AL6:30PMI.Falconer WallaceMLHS 
5/8SB/NL6PMKolding LongLower JHS
5/9 NL6PMJ.YeunezSisslerScerbo**
5/9 SB/NL6PMMyaWags Lower JHS
5/11 SB/AL6PMBecker B.,GioMLHS
5/11 AL6PMMohaibB.LongPEPE
5/13 AL9:30J.Yeunez M.BlakePepe
5/13 SB/NL12PMMya Clark RVS
5/13 NL11:45AMZ.JohnsonMathisScerbo
5/13 AL11:30AMSuppaMyaPepe
5/15 AL6PMPortisAasadPepe
5/16 SB/NL6PMBeckerLongJHS
5/17 NL6PMI.FalconerMohaibScerbo
5/18 AL6PMportisMohaibPepe
5/20 AL9:00AMMohaibAsadPepe
5/20 SB/AL1PMJRWallaceScerbo
5/22AL6PMTyler SisslerPepe
5/22 SB/NL6PMMya ClarkLower JHS
5/23NL/SB6PMSissler BlaiseScerbo
5/23 AL6PMMathisPortisPepe
5/23SB/AL6PMBecker GioMLHS
5/24 SB/NL6PMAsadWags Lower JHS
5/24 NL6PMKoldingClearScerbo
5/24 SB/AL6:30PMJ.YuenezPortisMLHS
5/25 AL6PMMohaib I.FalconerPepe
5/30 SB/AL6PMMya ClarkMLHS
5/30 SB/NL6PMSisskler SuppaLower JHS
5/30 AL6PMMathis Becker Scerbo
5/30 AL6PMWallaceBlaisePepe
5/31 NL6PMJohnson GioScerbo
5/31AL6PMMohaib I.FalconerPepe
6/1SB/NL6PMBecker LongLower JHS
6/2SB6PMMya WagsMLHS
6/3 AL6PMJRJohnsonPepe
6/3 AL9AMJBWallacePepe 
6/4 SB6PMMya WagsJHS
6/6 AL6PMPortisMathisPepe 
6/7 NL6PMAnthonyJRScerbo**
6/7AL 6PM WallaceJBPepe** 
6/10NL Playoff11:45AM JBBlaise/Long Scerbo**
6/10AL Playoff9AMMohaibI.Falconer/GioPepe
6/17 ASTAR 12U6PMPortisN/APepe*




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